Saturday, 28 January 2012

Round up!

So Cane has been here 1 week today!

He's learning the ropes and doing quite well, still need eyes in the back of your head but there is a problem developing. When Eric leaves the house Cane cries, started off just a few wimpers but has escalated each day and this morning was a full blown hissy fit! I suspect he sees Eric as head of the pack and as such is his security. He hasn't cried when I've popped outside to do hens etc but I am goinng out this morning and wonder if it will provoke a reaction. Other than that the pack seem to be getting used to him and make allowances for him being so young. He sure has livened things up around here.

Lucky is now off all her medcation and is coping really well, she seems just like the Lucky of old, of course we are still worried sick as we know Sandy only lived for 7 weeks after her amputation from th bone cancer but hope Lucky will do a Jim and have a couple of years.

So despite the wee man being full of beans I did manage to do the class kit from Bramford crop designed by janina, I have made some changes and under the photo there is a lot of journaling. Despite it being a less than flattering photo of me I wanted to use it and record how grateful I was to be celebrating Christmas with my family and not in hospital like the previous year. 2011 was a very difficult year for us both with lots of health problems and losing Ruby and Jim, hence the need to record it all. When I first started scrapbooking I was very into telling the story about the photo, then got caught up in making pretty pages with the latst papers and lost sight of the importance of the journaling, so this year I intend to re focus on it. The funny thing is when I look back at old layouts, I'm not seeing if the page is pretty and laid out well, it's the journaling I'm interested in. So back to basics!

The paper used for the layout is Kaisercraft, Faith and Festive range.

Looking forward to a mooch round town this morning and leaving Eric on poopie watch LOL.


Declan said...

Glad the kids are all doing well and your finding sometime for yourself. Deccy x

gyeong said...

Hoping 2012 is a much less exciting year for you. I don't scrapbook, so I use my blog as a journal about the kids.

What Remains Now said...

I love it! I have my "Card Club" tomorrow. Hope the weather holds out...we're having snow today. Nothing like a young pup to take your mind off more serious things. Hugs to the whole gang.

Carol said...

hope you had a lovely morning in town Sue and that Cane was ok!!

Great layout xx

Sandra's Spot said...

Fabulous LO Sue, and you are so right about the journaling. Hugs Sandra xxx

hotpotato said...

That dog has so got his paws under the table.LOL

Sue said...

Fab LO.

Glad Cane is still doing ok, if a little attached to Eric.

Hope you had a nice time in town.

Angela J. said...

I'm glad they are all getting along so well and I hope Cane didn't have too hard a time when you went on your errands.