Thursday, 26 January 2012

You've heard of Godilocks and the 3 beds

Well here's Cane and the two beds LOL.

First up Gangley's, nope that really is too small.

So then much to Mojo's horror he tried Mojo's, nope that's just to big!

Night time he sleeps on the sofa with Lucky but looks like he will have to have his own bed soon.

Mojo is still quite put out that he's still here and Alfie would prefer it if we put him in the toy box and just brought him out when it's time to play chase in the garden! Gangley and Lucky take turns Mothering him.

House training going really well and no major problems other than needing eyes in the back of my head.

Got Dawn coming to scrap tomorrow as usual, can't see me getting a whole lot done. Maybe Dawn will take pity on me and do the poopie watching LOL.

Never a dull or quiet moment in this house at the moment, that said I've got loads done because when the little chap is recharging I rush round doing stuff.

Getting harder by the day to maintain any kind of detachment from him!


gyeong said...

He is adorable. Hope Mojo quits giving him the stinkeye soon.

Sue said...

Had to smile at the beds. You need to get him one, as he'll need it for his life ahead with you. let's face it, he isn't going anywhere:)

Hiking Hounds said...

He is so cute curled up in the beds. I agree, get him a nice bed that you like because I bet he'll be staying. ;-)

Carol said...

lol I love that last comment!! still say before valentines day he'll be a Taylor pack dog!! he does look totally gorgeous Sue, that coat just gleams....fabbie piccies...enjoy tomorrow with Dawn xx

Carol said...
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What Remains Now said...

I think I'm with everyone else; looks like he's making himself right at your house and heart. Don't let Mojo read this.

Gem's Crafts said...

You did make me giggle with the story about the beds! I hope you find Cane one that fits him soon :) Have fun scrapping if you can!

Angela J. said...

Sounds like he's home :).

Declan said...

I'm going to start running a book; bet he's there for keeps! Deccy x