Saturday, 30 January 2010


Dawn and I had a super day yesterday and I scrapped the last photo to finish off Ben's album, it was supposed to be from birth to 5 years but it's full to bursting so time to start the nest chapter as they say LOL . Photo is of the little man having a super time at his birthday party last month.

Papers are from 3 bugs in a rug "To the rescue" and the inspiration came from a gorgeous layout in scrapbook mag by Emma Trout.

Alfie's head is finally looking better. Jim is full of beans and a happy chap. Lucky scared the life out of us Thursday when she started to limp and a lump on her wrist appeared. We gave her some metacam and thank goodness it all seems to be okay now. Gangley is fine although she did come in yesterday with a bright yellow streak down her PINK coat. OMG I said to Eric one of them has wee'd on her No he said she walked under Jim whilst he was have a wee LOL jeez and I thought she was smart.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Yesterday I was at the hospital with my poorly eye! it is as the optician thought except the jelly hasn't completely detached from the retina yet. Apparently it could take several more weeks/months and I just have to let them know if sudden flashes or floaters appear as this would mean it has torn and would then need urgent laser surgery BUT it is very uncommon for that to happen so basically go away and get used to the cobwebs LOL.

Alfie Bear is on AB's for his gunky head and they seem to be clearing it up, Lucky had her follow up appointment at the vets Saturday after losing her tooth and is fine. Jim has been very very perky all weekend and seems in good form. Gangley briefly came out of hibernation yesterday (the sun came out) and played with Alfie. Poor Alfie is really missing having someone to play with. Ranger loved playing with him and they were becoming quiet the double act always up to mischief but now apart from Gangley occasionally playing ruff and tumble with him there's no one else to amuse him. Lucky sure isn't interested and Jim isn't really able to do we have a very bored Bear!!!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Birthday book

Drum roll please, finally finished it !!!!!! Not great photo's but that's normal for me LOL.

All the papers are from two pads from Kay & Co. Hannah and Wild Saffron (I think LOL).

A couple of insides pages

might add a few more embellishments

Looks much nicer in the flesh so to speak LOL.

Friday, 22 January 2010

No scrapping

No scrapping done this week and I'm still plodding on with the birthday book I'm making. Slow am I LOL.

So a few recent photo's

We now have 3 female pheasants, who have taken up residence in the garden but they are a bit camera shy.

Lovely photo showing just how hen like my little waifs now look.

Alfie watching the hens LOL

And this one of Eric and his boys. Alfie is such a poseur.

I went back to the Opticians on Tuesday, he duly put the drops into dilate the eye and deep joy he still couldn't fine out why I have this cobweb, so now I have the pleasure of going to hospital Tuesday for more drops. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening walking around indoors with sunglasses on looking a right twit LOL.

Lucky is fully recovered from having her tooth out, Jim continues to be well and happy, Alfie is going to have to go the vets as his hole in the head refuses to heal, due mainly to him keep scratching it but there is still a small amount of gunk coming out and Gangley is still in hibernation LOL.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Photo's of a few recent layouts.

First up, the challenge kit from December papermaze crop. Vanessa supplies the papers and embellishments and then you come up with your own design. Photo is of Ben and the papers are from Making Memories "mistletoe"

Second a gorgeous kit from Ang for Bramford crop using papers from Basic Grey " glazed apple and powdered sugar"

and last another kit by Ang using papers from SEI. Photo is of Vikki, Ben and Matthew.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Today Jim is 14 weeks post op and doing just fine.

Lucky had a collision with Alfie on Wednesday and ended up having a GA to remove a tooth that got damaged but she's okay now.

Alfie although still quiet is fine as is Gangley who has gone into hibernation.

Hens have survived the cold snap and have surprised us by laying more eggs after a lean patch LOL.

I had my tooth filled last week having nursed it for two weeks as the Dentist was closed over Christmas and New Year, then went to Opticians for year check no problems there but the annoying cobweb I have in my eye needs further investigation so back tomorrow. The optician thinks it's Posterior Vitreous Detachment caused by OLD AGE ....

I actually managed to scrap 2 layouts last week but still waiting for some decent light to take photo's so a few photo's of Christmas presents I made instead.

I really have to check the photo's after taking them as these were done in haste then presents wrapped only to discover most of the shots were blurred or rubbish LOL.

An exploding box for Vikki with photo's of Ben throughout 2009

and inside

and another box of Miss Flo O'Sausage who was the most beautiful pirate princess EVER !!! I made this for my dear friend Shellie, hoping that it can sit on her desk and one day when the loss of Flo isn't so raw she can open the box and it will bring back happy memories.


I have made myself a list of things I want to make for myself this year, so have started the first a birthday book. I WILL BE ORGANISED this year LOL.

Friday, 8 January 2010

More snow

Like the rest of the country we've had yet more snow and it is so darn cold here. Alfie Bear loves it and would spend hours outside if I let him. The others are more sensible and try to gain pole position in front of the log burner LOL.

Jim is still well and happy.

Eric now makes porridge for the hens in the morning and their coup is draped in lots of duvets over night but they seem to be coping and have actually increased their egg laying LOL.

Not much scrapping has been done here but I have been busy writing lists (of course) of what I want to scrap and make this year LOL.

This layout was a kit by Vanessa for Papermaze crop a month or two back and has taken me ages to finish for some reason.

I've taken the photo of it on the wall in the frame (with magnets) that Eric made for my birthday. Papers are from Bo Bunny Kitchen Spice and the photo is me holding Ben for the very first time.

Dawn is braving the elements to come over and scrap today, we will now be scrapping on Fridays and not Thursday as she has her little Grandson on Tuesday and Thursday, which is fine except I now feel like today sis Thursday LOL. Anyway it will be lovely to scrap and chat and be back to normal.

Lots more bits and bobs to share (Christmas gifts) but they'll have to wait as I'd better get the kettle on.

Monday, 4 January 2010

12 weeks today

Today is Jim's 12th week anniversary since his op. Now I have become very superstitious even talking about it but felt I had to blog it. I remember back in October agonising over whether to go ahead with the amputation or to let him go, in the end we decided it was only fair to give him the same chance as Sandy. We had so many reservations because he's a big boy and didn't have the inner reserves that Sandy had or so we thought and yet here we are 12 weeks on.

Jim does have some problems, his back leg is wobbly and he no longer can go out for long walks but does get taken out everyday in the car to the meadow or the green and then has a run about. The problems are not because of the amputation but a previous neck/back problem which is being aggravated by his new walking style BUT and this is a big BUT he is alive and a very happy Jim.

Of course we still worry every day and watch him like a hawk but Jim is blissfully unaware of this and his worries are when will his next bone arrive LOL....

Jim is a legend and we treasure everyday we have with him.

Lucky, Alfie and Gangley are all well and much more settled.