Monday, 18 January 2010

Today Jim is 14 weeks post op and doing just fine.

Lucky had a collision with Alfie on Wednesday and ended up having a GA to remove a tooth that got damaged but she's okay now.

Alfie although still quiet is fine as is Gangley who has gone into hibernation.

Hens have survived the cold snap and have surprised us by laying more eggs after a lean patch LOL.

I had my tooth filled last week having nursed it for two weeks as the Dentist was closed over Christmas and New Year, then went to Opticians for year check no problems there but the annoying cobweb I have in my eye needs further investigation so back tomorrow. The optician thinks it's Posterior Vitreous Detachment caused by OLD AGE ....

I actually managed to scrap 2 layouts last week but still waiting for some decent light to take photo's so a few photo's of Christmas presents I made instead.

I really have to check the photo's after taking them as these were done in haste then presents wrapped only to discover most of the shots were blurred or rubbish LOL.

An exploding box for Vikki with photo's of Ben throughout 2009

and inside

and another box of Miss Flo O'Sausage who was the most beautiful pirate princess EVER !!! I made this for my dear friend Shellie, hoping that it can sit on her desk and one day when the loss of Flo isn't so raw she can open the box and it will bring back happy memories.


I have made myself a list of things I want to make for myself this year, so have started the first a birthday book. I WILL BE ORGANISED this year LOL.


Jane said...

let's encourage each other Sue! love the exploding boxes.

Carol said...

Sue - how'd Alfie get on with his holey head? what are they like hey?

gorgeous boxes - bet they were both pleased with them...xx

Good luck with the opticians tomorrow girlie!!xx