Friday, 22 January 2010

No scrapping

No scrapping done this week and I'm still plodding on with the birthday book I'm making. Slow am I LOL.

So a few recent photo's

We now have 3 female pheasants, who have taken up residence in the garden but they are a bit camera shy.

Lovely photo showing just how hen like my little waifs now look.

Alfie watching the hens LOL

And this one of Eric and his boys. Alfie is such a poseur.

I went back to the Opticians on Tuesday, he duly put the drops into dilate the eye and deep joy he still couldn't fine out why I have this cobweb, so now I have the pleasure of going to hospital Tuesday for more drops. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening walking around indoors with sunglasses on looking a right twit LOL.

Lucky is fully recovered from having her tooth out, Jim continues to be well and happy, Alfie is going to have to go the vets as his hole in the head refuses to heal, due mainly to him keep scratching it but there is still a small amount of gunk coming out and Gangley is still in hibernation LOL.

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