Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Yesterday I was at the hospital with my poorly eye! it is as the optician thought except the jelly hasn't completely detached from the retina yet. Apparently it could take several more weeks/months and I just have to let them know if sudden flashes or floaters appear as this would mean it has torn and would then need urgent laser surgery BUT it is very uncommon for that to happen so basically go away and get used to the cobwebs LOL.

Alfie Bear is on AB's for his gunky head and they seem to be clearing it up, Lucky had her follow up appointment at the vets Saturday after losing her tooth and is fine. Jim has been very very perky all weekend and seems in good form. Gangley briefly came out of hibernation yesterday (the sun came out) and played with Alfie. Poor Alfie is really missing having someone to play with. Ranger loved playing with him and they were becoming quiet the double act always up to mischief but now apart from Gangley occasionally playing ruff and tumble with him there's no one else to amuse him. Lucky sure isn't interested and Jim isn't really able to do we have a very bored Bear!!!

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