Monday, 4 January 2010

12 weeks today

Today is Jim's 12th week anniversary since his op. Now I have become very superstitious even talking about it but felt I had to blog it. I remember back in October agonising over whether to go ahead with the amputation or to let him go, in the end we decided it was only fair to give him the same chance as Sandy. We had so many reservations because he's a big boy and didn't have the inner reserves that Sandy had or so we thought and yet here we are 12 weeks on.

Jim does have some problems, his back leg is wobbly and he no longer can go out for long walks but does get taken out everyday in the car to the meadow or the green and then has a run about. The problems are not because of the amputation but a previous neck/back problem which is being aggravated by his new walking style BUT and this is a big BUT he is alive and a very happy Jim.

Of course we still worry every day and watch him like a hawk but Jim is blissfully unaware of this and his worries are when will his next bone arrive LOL....

Jim is a legend and we treasure everyday we have with him.

Lucky, Alfie and Gangley are all well and much more settled.

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Jane said...

I hope Jim continues to enjoy life with you all xx