Saturday, 30 January 2010


Dawn and I had a super day yesterday and I scrapped the last photo to finish off Ben's album, it was supposed to be from birth to 5 years but it's full to bursting so time to start the nest chapter as they say LOL . Photo is of the little man having a super time at his birthday party last month.

Papers are from 3 bugs in a rug "To the rescue" and the inspiration came from a gorgeous layout in scrapbook mag by Emma Trout.

Alfie's head is finally looking better. Jim is full of beans and a happy chap. Lucky scared the life out of us Thursday when she started to limp and a lump on her wrist appeared. We gave her some metacam and thank goodness it all seems to be okay now. Gangley is fine although she did come in yesterday with a bright yellow streak down her PINK coat. OMG I said to Eric one of them has wee'd on her No he said she walked under Jim whilst he was have a wee LOL jeez and I thought she was smart.


Jane said...

never a dull moment at your house Sue!

Carol said...

loving the layout of Ben - thats going to be a awonderful album to look back on as he grows up (and when he's 21!! lol)

Hope you have a good day with Dawn today...see you tomorrow! xx