Friday, 28 September 2007


Poor Mac is still grounded, lame and in pain!!!! slight improvement but after a telephone consultation with Tom our vet we have decided to try another week on the tablets which contain steroid's, no walk again this week but he has been out in the car twice today to cheer him up.

Got a letter from council this week to say we have planning permission for the conservatory yay !!!! not looking forward to all the muck and mud when Eric starts digging out the foundations but it will be so worth it to have another room. It's all very well downsizing but we didn't bank on 5 dogs and a grandson LOL.

Been busy making Christmas presents and working on my circle journal, which is not going very well. Keep making mistakes and changing my mind. Jennie, a lovely lady on the design collective is also in the circle and has just posted some photo's OMG it's gorgeous and now I feel like mine is complete rubbish LOL. Still no time to change it again as we post on the 16th Oct and I've got so much to try and finish before the dreaded op on the 18th!

Talking of op, I have pre admission appt next week and my feeling of dread and terror are getting worse by the day! and the wrist is now agony all the time which makes scrapping difficult and probably explains all the mistakes I've been making. Actually had to bin a project this week first time I've not been able to rescue something.

Hoping to see Vikki and Ben tomorrow as they've had really heavy colds for two weeks and had to stay away from me.

Had an idea that I hope to work on after op. If like me you have favourite recipes but they're all in different cook books or on bit of paper torn from magazines you'll like this. I'm going to make my own recipe book. IT will all be in very large text so I don't have to keep putting on reading glasses (another sign age is creeping up on me). So I've started to take photo's in readiness.

I love this photo of Ben and me taken the day I survived 3 nappy changes ... course it will have to be scrapped LOL...

Have a good weekend everyone.

Sue x

Monday, 24 September 2007

Urgent help required

A lovely lady called Carole on her blog has made the following plea for help

Some of you may know that i support a charity called Wiccaweys. Wiccaweys is a rescue for Collie's and Sheepdogs and is run by only 2 people primarily and a bunch of devoted volunteers.

I wouldnt normally put things like this in my blog but they are desperately trying to raise £2000.00 for a new van. They really need this van to carry on the work that they do in rescuing and rehoming collies from all over the country including ireland.

I am SO passionate about helping to raise the money that i will do ANYTHING and yes i mean ANYTHING to help.

If anyone feels they could send a few pounds please visit her blog Collectively Me here

some of the images are very upsetting so please be aware..

Friday, 21 September 2007

Hill Billies

To-day Sandy, Jim and Rulu had an appt booked at the vets for their yearly health checks and boosters but Mac also needed to go because Monday we noticed he started to limp very suddenly. Within minutes he was very very distressed and hyperventilating so rushed to the vets who said a "Sting" on his paw. Well we thought it was odd that Mac who is stoic would get so upset over a sting but hey you go with what the vet says don't you (not Tom our first choice). Well as the week has gone on Mac has got worse and my today could hardly walk at all. Turns out the sting was a complete red herring and he has wrenched his shoulder. Mac has a metal plate and pins in his back leg, 3 toes one one foot and arthritic hips!!!! so sometimes he struggles to get up and Monday he must have pulled his shoulder. Poor little chap is so fed up, no walks but his Dad does take him out in the car for a ride round the block LOL.

Why Hill Billies, well even with a Volvo estate you can't get 4 greyhounds and Rulu in the back so the seats have to come down, off we go with dogs hanging out of every window. Lord did we get some looks. BUT we were at the vets over an hour and all 5 dogs were fantastic not rising to the bait of barking dogs, meowing cats, although at one point Lucky did hide behind Eric when a little Scottie started yapping. Not that Lucky needed to be at the vets we just figured if we left her at home alone we may not have a home to go back to LOL.

Nothing to share today, been feeling poorly most of the week, not bad enough to go to the Dr's just not quite right. Have managed to make a few Christmas presents but can't share them either.

Have joined a circle journal on the Design Collective. Never done one before so a bit scared, really must try and make a start on it this weekend, just not feeling very inspired can't pin down how I want it to look... YET!

Have a good weekend everyone.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Very very proud Mummy moment

Today Vikki passed her car theory test !!!!!!!!!!!

YAY !!!!!!!

The test changed and became harder from the 3rd September, typically Vikki couldn't be persuaded to do it before it changed BUT has been studying very hard and practicing on the online test site and to her shock and our delight she passed scoring 46 out of 50 and 65 out of 70 on the hazard test....

Go Vikki !!!!!

Onwards and upwards girl ....

PS Your little Clio is sitting here waiting for you...

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

I survived !!

Yesterday I looked after my grandson Ben for the first time all day on my own. Previously we've had him for a few hours but always with Eric here to help me, but yesterday Vikki had to go on a work's course (normally she works nights) and Eric couldn't be here so just me all on my tod!!!

Went to Ipswich to collect Ben and asked Dawn to meet me here at 9.45 to get the little chap out of his car seat BUT I got back quicker than I thought and before the pre arranged time with Dawn anyway to my shock I managed to undo the car seat on my OWN... Dawn arrived and we sat in the garden and had a cuppa whilst the little fella pulled out all his toys, but Dawn had to go at 11am and so there we were just him and me. We wandered over the road to the play park and spent a lowly hour on the swings etc and then came home for lunch but by then his nappy was looking full so plucked up the courage to change it phew !!! only wet and Ben seemed to understand it's hard for me to change his nappy and laid really still, BUT after lunch a nasty whiff came to my attention and yes it was gross but we managed... spent a couple of hours playing in the garden until Eric came home at 3pm and amused Ben for me whilst I collapsed in a heap LOL. One more nappy change then back to his Mum. I might just add Vikki was most impressed with my nappy changing skills although if she'd seen me trying to put it on back to front she might not have been ....

Thought I'd be dead on my feet today but seem to be ok so far!!!

A few photo's Eric took yesterday afternoon.

And was I lucky that it was a beautiful warm day so we could play outside or what LOL

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Bare Books

A lovely helpful lady called Sarah is making them and selling them at ridiculously cheap prices so if can't afford your own bind it thingy please check this out.

Sarah has been really kind and is making me one up specially to use as my CJ for which I've decided to do on the Design Collective. Well I'm a complete novice at this and Sarah has told how many pages I need in it and is now making it up for me along with a few other bare books I've ordered.

Had Ben my Grandson all day today and had a great day but sooo tired so will fill you in on that tomorrow.

You can find the Bare Books here

Friday, 7 September 2007

Sun shine

Yet another glorious day, albeit very late the summer seems to have arrived, well probably a short lived Indian Summer but it's very welcome all the same.

Vikki and Ben came for the day Wednesday, we had a lovely day sitting and playing in the garden, well me and Ben did, Vikki mostly sat in her car, actually thought she might decide to have lunch served in it...

Of course yesterday being Thursday saw Dawn and I scrapping as usual, I was working on a class kit from last months crop by Ness of Papermaze. Managed to find a bit of time today to finish it off. Photo was taken on August Bank Holiday at Mum and Dad's BBQ and is of my Mum and Dad, Eric and me with Marc and Vikki and of course Ben, not forgeting Benji dog who seems to have snuck in the photo as well LOL...

For someone who hates sewing I seem to do a lot of it on my layouts. The title has been back stitched onto the pink felt then drawn round with a red glaze pen. The swirl is cut out of felt, took ages.... horrible stuff it was to cut.... anyway I'm really pleased with the overall effect.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Scrap book extravaganza

Had a wonderful day yesterday going to Hintlesham with Dawn to a scrap book extravaganza, lots of stalls including ATDML and Ness from Papermase. Spent way to much money and ate to much homemade cake in the refreshments room but came home with lots of goodies...

Saturday we went out to view a little car Eric spotted on ebay for Vikki and ended up making the chap an offer which he accepted.

So all we need now is for Vikki to pass her theory test next week and then she can put in for the practical and fingers crossed she'll be mobile...Mind you my ears are still ringing from Vikki screaming down the telephone with delight when we told her.

Had fun making my first ever little mini album called the Magic wallet designed by Fiona Beckham on the Design Collective. It's so cute, going to have to make more of these.

Photo's are from Mum and Dad's Bank Holiday BBQ...

Gave it to Mum as a thank you and she loved it.... mind you she nearly didn't get it as I loved it sooo much myself LOL..