Friday, 21 September 2007

Hill Billies

To-day Sandy, Jim and Rulu had an appt booked at the vets for their yearly health checks and boosters but Mac also needed to go because Monday we noticed he started to limp very suddenly. Within minutes he was very very distressed and hyperventilating so rushed to the vets who said a "Sting" on his paw. Well we thought it was odd that Mac who is stoic would get so upset over a sting but hey you go with what the vet says don't you (not Tom our first choice). Well as the week has gone on Mac has got worse and my today could hardly walk at all. Turns out the sting was a complete red herring and he has wrenched his shoulder. Mac has a metal plate and pins in his back leg, 3 toes one one foot and arthritic hips!!!! so sometimes he struggles to get up and Monday he must have pulled his shoulder. Poor little chap is so fed up, no walks but his Dad does take him out in the car for a ride round the block LOL.

Why Hill Billies, well even with a Volvo estate you can't get 4 greyhounds and Rulu in the back so the seats have to come down, off we go with dogs hanging out of every window. Lord did we get some looks. BUT we were at the vets over an hour and all 5 dogs were fantastic not rising to the bait of barking dogs, meowing cats, although at one point Lucky did hide behind Eric when a little Scottie started yapping. Not that Lucky needed to be at the vets we just figured if we left her at home alone we may not have a home to go back to LOL.

Nothing to share today, been feeling poorly most of the week, not bad enough to go to the Dr's just not quite right. Have managed to make a few Christmas presents but can't share them either.

Have joined a circle journal on the Design Collective. Never done one before so a bit scared, really must try and make a start on it this weekend, just not feeling very inspired can't pin down how I want it to look... YET!

Have a good weekend everyone.


Jane said...

Hope you are soon feeling better too! I've been trying to do some craft but it has been an effort, lets hope we both feel better tomorrow, take care, Jane

Sharon said...

Oh Sue, I'm sorry to hear you have been poorly this week. Do you have a date for your operation yet?
Also sorry to hear about Mac, hope he is on the mend soon - I bet a few heads turned whilst driving with the five dogs hanging out the car windows :)