Friday, 28 September 2007


Poor Mac is still grounded, lame and in pain!!!! slight improvement but after a telephone consultation with Tom our vet we have decided to try another week on the tablets which contain steroid's, no walk again this week but he has been out in the car twice today to cheer him up.

Got a letter from council this week to say we have planning permission for the conservatory yay !!!! not looking forward to all the muck and mud when Eric starts digging out the foundations but it will be so worth it to have another room. It's all very well downsizing but we didn't bank on 5 dogs and a grandson LOL.

Been busy making Christmas presents and working on my circle journal, which is not going very well. Keep making mistakes and changing my mind. Jennie, a lovely lady on the design collective is also in the circle and has just posted some photo's OMG it's gorgeous and now I feel like mine is complete rubbish LOL. Still no time to change it again as we post on the 16th Oct and I've got so much to try and finish before the dreaded op on the 18th!

Talking of op, I have pre admission appt next week and my feeling of dread and terror are getting worse by the day! and the wrist is now agony all the time which makes scrapping difficult and probably explains all the mistakes I've been making. Actually had to bin a project this week first time I've not been able to rescue something.

Hoping to see Vikki and Ben tomorrow as they've had really heavy colds for two weeks and had to stay away from me.

Had an idea that I hope to work on after op. If like me you have favourite recipes but they're all in different cook books or on bit of paper torn from magazines you'll like this. I'm going to make my own recipe book. IT will all be in very large text so I don't have to keep putting on reading glasses (another sign age is creeping up on me). So I've started to take photo's in readiness.

I love this photo of Ben and me taken the day I survived 3 nappy changes ... course it will have to be scrapped LOL...

Have a good weekend everyone.

Sue x


Jane said...

love the recipe book idea, will look forward to seeing some of it.
Try not to worry too much about the op, take care, Jane x

Guinevere said...

Lovely photo Sue!! And you are way too critical of yourself - your journal is gorgeous! And you have made me blush madly - just as well I can blame it on my AGE! We will all be thinking about you when you have your op - try not fret - lots and lots of good vibes coming your way :)
Take care
Jennie xx

Jane said...

the weird messages were from my sister asking me to join facebook!!