Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our wedding anniversary yay !!!! course everyone says Eric deserves a gold medal for surviving another year with me LOL.

Actually he probably does at the moment because all I seem to be doing is whinging and whining about how much my wrist hurts and the op LOL. Don't normally have time for self pity waste of time and energy but definitely having woe is me few days...

Tomorrow is the pre admission appointment so maybe I'll feel better when I actually know what to expect. We were just so shocked when we saw the hand surgeon that a) I didn't have a choice it had to come out because of the broken silicon (silicon synovitis) and b) not enough bone left to put another replacement wrist in! and the other wrist will probably go the same way soon... anyway we just were so shocked that we didn't really ask the right questions so fingers crossed tomorrow brings some reassurances.

Mac is a little better and has started going out for lead walks, rather that than going silly in the garden.

Had a lovely day with Vikki and Ben today. Ben is just growing up so fast now, I can hardly believe he'll be two in December. He's getting quite a range of words now and is an expert and letting you know what he wants one way or the other.

Completley messed up a page of my CJ, got glue on the acetate which then just spread everywhere so had to redo the welcome and rules pages. Was worried the acetate wasn't going to be robust enough so maybe it's just as well. Get the same look just printed it onto coloured card stock this time. Started my two pages but talk about unispired and it's my theme LOL

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