Saturday, 27 October 2007

Making progress

What a difference a few days make, now I am able to make my own cups of tea and lunch and this morning managed to feed the dogs. Sounds so trivial but I hate being dependant on anyone even Eric who has been the best pandering to my every whim but it's time to start getting back to normal I think.

Vikki and Ben are coming over today, Vik has deliberately stayed away in case Ben knocked my hand but I have missed them so much and can't wait to see them. Tomorrow Dawn is taking me out to Capel nursery, not that we go for the plants but they have a huge craft section. Really looking forward to just going out somewhere anywhere other than hospital.

Decided last night after trying to play with the new software I got for the robo that as there are no help files or instructions yet to order video tutorials from America. Only looked at 1 so far but really impressed and boy are they going to save time and heartache trying to figure it all out.

Have a good weekend all.


Jane said...

Glad you are improving, enjoy your day x

vikki said...

missing you to mum

Cath said...

Have you looked on ukscrappers at the craft robo section? there is lots of information and downloads.

Glad you are getting better, I will do my blog one day!!!