Friday, 5 October 2007

Happy Bunny

No particular reason just feel a happy bunny today. The sun is shining, washing on the line, cakes baking in the oven and dogs all outside on the deck sunbathing. All 5 were laying together so rushed off to get the camera and guess what, yup they all moved rotten lot LOL..

Today life is good.

AND my wrist actually feels not to bad today so I'm going to prep some work for tomorrow, Dawn and I are going to a scrapathon! 10am to 10pm not that we'll last that long we normally pack up about 4pm but it's just so lovely to spend the day scrapping without interruptions.

Still struggling with my circle journal but have kind of decided what I'm doing for my entry, shall work on it next week ready for posting on the 16th. Tomorrow I'm working on yet another Christmas prezzie last one then I'm all done yay !!!!

Sunday Eric is going to the Copdock bike show, weather forecast looks good so hopefully the "boys" will have a good time as it will probably be the last fun outing of the year.

Have a good weekend everyone....

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