Monday, 29 October 2007

Paying the price

Well I had a lovely weekend but boy am I paying the price of it today! shattered and hand hurts like hell from over doing it.

It was just fantastic to see Vikki and Ben on Saturday, Ben who isn't two until December walked in carrying a bunch of flowers which he then gave me with a kiss! talk about melting your heart. We went for a little walk over the road to the children's play park which he loves, then came home and Vikki made lunch for us as Eric was busy outside working on his trailer. I say trailer but actually it started out as a dilapidated horse box he bought for fifty quid, apparently with all the building stuff he needs to do the base for the conservatory it is cheaper to collect then have delivered, hence the need for a trailer. Anyway we all teased him terribly but have to admit it now looks like a trailer and is almost finished. First trip is to the scrap yard with the top of the horse box and he expects to get 50 quid for all the metal, so guess he has the last laugh! and even better he should be ready to start digging out the foundations soon.

Sunday I finally plucked up the courage to wash my hair, boy it took forever with one hand but is now lovely and clean. Then Dawn picked me up and off we went to the craft shop, even though Dawn carried all my bit I still used my hand way to much and by the evening the pain was unbearable and I ended having a few tears.

Today I'm trying to be more sensible......


Jane said...

Glad you had a good day, take it easy now and give it chance to recover!! Take care x

Sharon said...

Delighted to hear you had a good day!