Thursday, 4 October 2007

Pre admision appointment

Been to the hospital this morning for my pre admission appointment. All went well and I have elected to have a regional anaesthetic which will completely numb the entire arm and slight sedation so I'm relaxed. I really didn't want a GA as they make me so sick and I wouldn't stand a chance of getting out that day. I may still have to stay in but the hospital are aware that I am very keen to come home the same day and Eric will be here to look after me. They weren't able to tell me how long the wrist/hand will be out of action which I really wanted to know but suggested I ring the surgeon's secretary to see if she could find out.

Called in the Dr's on the way home and got my flu jab so quite a successful morning.

Just wish it was all over and done with now....

Last night Eric said to me you're SAD no I'm not I said a bit cheesed off with life but not SAD no you fool he siad I mean Seasonal adjust disorder! well I think he may be right because today the sun is shining and it's so warm we sat outside and had lunch when we came home and suprise surprise I feel much happier today LOL

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Sharon said...

I hope the op goes well when it comes round. You are so brave Sue.
Sending you a big ((((hug))))