Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Yes we have had wall to wall sunshine for several days and Sunday the temperature rose to an unbeliavable 18 degrees, of course the hounds made the most of it and sunbathed LOL. Garden has actually begun to dry out from months of rain.

had a lovely time at Bramford crop and actually finished the last two layouts of my 2013 album

Although Twizzle is only a year older than Belle she is definitely Mummy and takes care of little Belle, washes her, cuddles up to her night time to keeps her warm and plays with her, they are rarely apart.

Well I had to record the Christmas wipe out didn't I, it's mostly digital with a few bits decoupaged and the title and bling added.

Hounds are all well and happy, although Gangley has become much frailer, so sad and really upsets us seeing her struggle but then just as you think that's it she perks up and has a good spell. Really hoping she can enjoy another summer.