Monday, 30 July 2012

Brilliant weekend!

Well that sure was a fun packed weekend!

Saturday my nephew Terry married Helen and this was the reason for Bob, Kelly ad Katelyn coming over from America. We all had a lovely time, the bride was beautiful the men looked fantastic and Katelyn was adorable as one of the many bridesmaids.

 Photo of Andrew (nephew) , Helen and Terry  and Katelyn

Bob and Kelly 

Sunday my son Marc hosted a BBQ so everyone who wanted to catch up with Bob and family could. It  was also Marc’s birthday and is Mum’s on Wednesday so a triple celebration. Fantastic doesn’t even come close to how enjoyable it was and how great to get so many members of the  family together. Shame daughter Vikki is in America on holiday/honeymoon, guess you can’t have it all LOL.

Photo's from BBQ

Hounds have been fantastic all weekend putting up with all the comings and goings. Little Belle grows stronger by the day and now understands if she’s good and stays fairly still she can come out of the crate when we’re sitting down together. The pack seems to have accepted her and for the most part our gentle around here. Alfie Bear has finally relaxed and lets the young ones have a play without continually shutting them down.

This morning Belle  decided to pluck up the courage to join in the scrum for breakfast leftovers LOL.  Gangley was in amongst them  but blowed if I can spot her!

Today is also 2 years since Marc and Rachael got married, boy has that flown my!

Hoping for a few quiet days to recover now.

Sue x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Belle has her stitches out

Little Belle went to the vets last night and had her stitches removed. Our vet thought the vet who operated on her broken leg 13th July has done a good job and the plate shouldn't interfere with her growing bones. Belle will have another x ray in 4 weeks. So we continue with crate rest and gradually build her up to 3/4 little walks around the garden a day. Me thinks it's going to be a long difficult 4 weeks for us all as she grows uderstandably increasingly fed up with being crated whilst seeing the others playing.

Vikki and Ben came over yesterday and brought Katie my little American niece, it was totally manic with kids, dogs and the heat LOL.

I have already munched my way through a whole packet of these that my lovely SIL brought me over from the states, she's knows I have a weakness for them.

Twizzle is still refusing to let me get a decent photo of her, as I had the camera out shooting photo's of the kids yesterday I spied Twizzle approached and tried got this one shot out of focus of course!

and then as usually Twizzle did this LOL.

Vik and family are now on the way to Heathrow for their delayed holiday/honeymoon in Cleveland visiting Mathews sister Sarah. Ben was so excited yesterday unlike his Mum and Dad he loves flying!

Orin has decided he is Belle's keeper and as such he accompanies her out on all toilet breaks, day or night, it's so touching seeing this great big doughnut being so gentle with her. Twizzle is a complete tease and runs circles around her, driving Belle mad because she's not allowed to join it. Elmo is still quiet suspect the anti biotics for his skin infection are making him feel off. Alfie has decided as alpha dog he will just sit back looking very regal and just take it all in, whilst poor Mojo is in denial that we have brought in yet another dog and even worse a baby! Gangley seems to be rather enjoying having a 3rd female about.

Couple of random shots, how many dogs can you spot, answers on a post card LOL.

 To say life is exhausting and chaotic is the biggest understatement his year LOL hey ho, never a dull moment around here.

Will so try and visit my blogging friends soon, life has to quieten down around here soon DOESN'T IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

At last!

 Little Belle exploring the garden. Belle is doing really well but grows increasingly frustrated at being crated and who can blame her! Hoping when she see's the vet tomorrow night we may get the go ahead for short walks, trying to persuade a 9 month puppy that crate rest is important doesn't cut it LOL.

At last yesterday afternoon my Mum and Dad came over with my brother Bob his wife Kelly their daughter Katie and Bob's son Andrew. We haven't been together since Mum and Dad's golden wedding anniversary 4 years ago. Bob's other son Terry is getting married Saturday so they have a busy week getting measured for suits and bridesmaid dresses etc. Bob and family live in Colarado.

Mum and Katelyn
 Kelly, Katelyn, Bob and Andrew

Dad and Bob

 Kelly and Katelyn, and boy am I stupid I didn't get a photo of me with them! and to think I call myself a scrapper, better luck Saturday LOL

Had to go back to Dr's again yesterday, seems all the muck from 3 chest infections is sitting in my lungs and making me feel a touch grotty. Dr is arranging physio so Eric can be taught how to bash my back, oh deep joy think he may just enjoy that LOL, he also increased my steroids x 6 for 1 week so expecting to turn into superwoman with untold energy any minute now and anti biotics so I don't get another infection with all the gunk sitting there. Came out with that much medication I could have opened my own chemist LOL.

So having moaned non stop about the rain we are now all moaning about the sudden heatwave, I think it's more the wet humidity that bothers me, I got up at 5am to take Belle out and have some quiet time with her and by 6am it was so hot I was sweating! so not a good look.

Marc and Rach came over last night so we could prep them about dog sitting duties Saturday whilst we go to the wedding, so all in all it was a totally shattering day and I literally crawled into bed at 10pm! But so good to have spent time with my brother and family!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunday - Belle's first full day

The banner arrived to promote Greyhound Gap and the walk, looks great doesn't it!

So first up I need to apologise to all my blogging friends if I'm not visiting you as regularly! truth is Belle is the final straw and I am struggling to find time to fit everything in.

Yesterday Belle let us know that she was not happy being kept in a crate all day, the exception being toilet breaks and then that's on the lead. I'm sure my arm is 2 inches longer already. I wrap the lead around my right wrist, well it's falling apart anyway and I have no intention of messing up the other one LOL.

Off to the vets Wednesday to hopefully have stitches out and maybe then she can have tiny walks. Considering all she has been through including being spayed at the same time the leg was plated I think she's doing really well, ear plugs are now a necessity around here LOL

Of course Elmo, Orin and Twizzle are getting away with stuff I would rather they didn't do but there is only so much you can do at one time LOL.

My brother and family arrived safely and  can't wait to see them today!

A few photo's of Belle taken around 6am this morning, so wish I had brushed my hair!

and on the deck before it got to hot! yes I did say hot seems Summer has arrived this week.

And just to prove how dumb I am I decided to make a cake yesterday as well, sometimes I seriously worry about myself. Lemon Drizzle and I was trying out a recipe. Marc is having a cake day at work as part of the fund raising, so thought I had better practise LOL


Sunday, 22 July 2012


Well after about 6 hours travelling and swapping cars mid way little Belle arrived safe and sound! Considering all that she went through yesterday, leaving the lovely vet nurse who had been taking care of her and the long journey she coped extremely well and wasn't too stressed.  She ate her tea and went outside on the lead for toilet breaks then slept all night with just 1 toilet break, I'd say that exceeded my wildest expectations LOL.

Elmo is a bit quiet, probably feeling a bit off with the anti biotics but his skin is looking better already.

Orin has been chosen to appear in next year's Greyhound Gap calender, well he is very handsome after all.

Twizzle now she's formally a Taylor dog is being a real handful and is a demon ragger, mat by conservatory doors bit the dust this morning but it's so hard to be cross with her when she wags and thumps her tail and gives you the biggest smile LOL.

Gangley has really taken to Twizzle and Twizzle seems to understand that she has to play more gently with Gangley who is tiny.

Chickens are much happier as we've laid some wood shavings in the compound so they're no longer sinking in the mud and it does look like the week ahead will be dry!

My brother, wife and daughter land at heathrow tea time, it's been 4 long years since we were all together so one is very excited.

Paypal have finally resolved the dispute and refunded me the £470 some rotter stole from me.

Yesterday's crop was lovely but I didn't get much done as my right hand/wrist is failing fast and as the left one still isn't fully functional didn't leave me with much LOL, still I enjoyed chatting and chilling.

My daughter has hurt her back rather badly which in itself is rotten but they fly out to America on Thursday for their honeymoon, really worried how she will cope poor thing.

Shall try and get a photo of Belle today, she is quite simply stunning!

Think that rounds up the last few days at the manic Taylor house

Sue x

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Good new, greyt news, OMG news

The good news
We have had a brilliant response to the launch of our new website for this years walk. A dog magazine are doing an article about it and we have a company doing a free banner for us The presentation at school today went really well and the kids loved meeting Alfie and Orin. Loads of work still to do on fund raising events but so encouraged by the initial response. photo of Marc with the kids this morning.

The greyt news
This little lady is now called Twizzle Taylor.
Greyhound gap rang me yesterday to say there was a genuine interest in her, the thought of her not being her hit me so hard that I had to act swiftly. I totally adore Twizzle and feel like I have waited my whole life to be reunited with her, daft or what LOL. Having said that our whole family feel the same way and little en rang me just now so he could say goodnight to her.

The OMG news
Incoming at the weekend, a 9 month old whippet with a broken leg, she says running for the hills!

meet Belle

Other news
Elmo has been to the vets because he has pimples, we weren't too concerned to start with but as they spread we decided to get it checked out. Just as well as he has a bad skin infection, 3 weeks of anti biotics, probably caused from running through long spiky grass then jumping into dirty water. When will he lean the command "Elmo don't you dare"

Monday, 16 July 2012

Walking the beat

Some of you may remember last year my son and a colleague did the coast to coast walk to raise money for Greyhound Gaps kennel fund. Well this year they are walking again and all details can be found here a friend has built us a lovely website, still needs tweaking a bit but the core of it is in place. Have a look and let me know what you think.I've been  made manager of the face book page and nearly died a few minutes ago when everything just disappeared, Marc managed that, hence I am now the manager LOL.

We have quite a lot of fund raising activities falling into place, first of which is Wednesday when Marc and fellow walkers are going into a local school to do a short presentation and then letters will go home via the children, Eric is taking Alfie, Orin and Mojo along and the school have said they would like to do a dress down day 21st Sept (the day the walk starts) and the money raised will be donated.

So I've been busy all day doing walk related stuff LOL and as yet haven't even looked at my own list.

Dogs are all well and happy and finding their places in an ever changing pack. Seems I may be having another foster dog arrive in a few weeks. A 9th month old whippet, her owners took her into a vets and said put her down, she had a broken leg, well to cut a long story short greyhound gap have taken her in, she's had an operation to plate her leg and will need a foster home for a few weeks R & R. If no one closer steps in I've said she can come here. Yup totally bonkers LOL.

I have been suggested as a possible teacher to  design and teach a scrapbooking cyber class but sadly it clashes with something and I shall have to decline, very flattered though. 

Back to hand clinic tomorrow and I just know when they measure the bend there will be no improvement, no matter how hard I do the exercises the finger just won't bend anymore than a month ago. I think I now agree with the surgeon when he said he may have tightened the new tendon a bit too much, so question is do I have more surgery to loosen it or let it be?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Quick update

Just a quickie as one is feeling "off"

Hounds are enjoying a rare day outside as it's not raining! seriously a whole day of no rain. Friday overnight we had so the weather people say a whole months worth of rain. Our garden was water logged and the main road through the village was closed due to flooding for a while. Still managed to go to crop but it got scary several times with back roads flooded.

My poor chickens are now walking around their area with placards that say "we're chickens not bloomin ducks", was so bad Eric had to dig a trench for the water to run away and go out and buy stuff over the mud, who ever it was who said mud mud gloriius mud was off their rocker LOL.

A digi layout that I've printed out and then added some layers to it.  Photo's of Harvey and Elmo.

One week today and my brother and family will be here from America yay! yup I'm excited.

Twizzle continues to twizzle, she is such a happy dog and everyone is instantly in love with her LOL. When Vikki and Ben visited today they both wanted to take her home. As soon as you look at Twizzle her tail wags furiously and her being so happy makes you feel happy.


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Final project completed!

Wimbledon is over for another year and the rain continues to fall, so no change there!

I have been very busy making all the cards I need and some extras for the rest of the year and this means my final project is finished and I can get started on the wedding album. A mixture of digi cards and some from a kit I managed to let myself to get talked into buying from a shopping channel. I must have had it for more than a year now so oviously didn't need it LOL.

This one is 2 die cut hearts glued onto acetate either side and some bling added, it's actually rather nice, hope Mr T likes it as it's for our anniversary in October.

Hounds have been good and of course today is bone today, not sure how they know but they do!

So all the cards are written, addressed and filled in my birthday book I made a few years ago and I've even added an alarm for when they need posting on my mobile LOL. how sad.

Tomorrow I need to prepare something to play with on Friday and crop Saturday and I'm off out for a hair cut!

Twizzle is still swinging between calm days followed by bouncing off the wall days but overall they are all more settled and I would say we've come off red alert and down to amber alert LOL.

Hoping the new web site for this years walk by my son and colleagues will be ready to go live next week. My to do list from him is starting to grow but as he is so busy working and spending time in the gym trying to build his stamina and strength I shan't complain LOL. He's managed to do road runs this week with no repercussions to the knee so he's much happier and more optimistic, I don't doubt that he'll manage the walk but I do worry at what cost to his knee. Last year we managed to raise £2,550.00 for greyhound gaps kennel fund but suspect this year it will be hard to reach that figure as everyone is feeling the pinch.

Sue x

Monday, 9 July 2012

A lovely weekend

Saturday I had a wander around the town and got a dress reduced from £35 to £10 BARGAIN! Came home and chilled out watching the tennis. Dogs roared around the garden-helping Daddy mow the grass and tidy up the garden.

We had a lovely Sunday, I took Gangley out for her Sunday morning ride and did a few errands, came home and had lunch and watched the tennis. Felt so sorry for Murry I really thought he might win. After tea I felt up to going for a short walk with Eric and the hounds, first time this year and then we came home and Eric said he would like to watch the Moto GP. Huge break through as he hasn’t watched one race since Jim left. It was such a lovely Sunday evening ritual for so many years with Eric sitting on the floor with the big fella between his legs (Jim never went on furniture not even once by choice) whilst eating popcorn and chilling out. No dog between his legs last night but Twizzle who also doesn’t go on furniture laid beside him.

Been very busy this morning with all the usual Monday chores, clean out the hens and collect eggs, feed fish, pick poo’s, hang out washing, dust and hoover. God I’m shattered now.

Twizzle was really good at the weekend and was so calm but this morning she’s back to bouncing off the walls. They’re all now sitting on the deck waiting for bone time LOL.

Hoping to finish making the cards this week and make a start on sorting out which wedding photo’s I want to use and prepare something for crop on Saturday.

Not much in the way of photo's but here's a few cards I made Friday.

Sue x

Friday, 6 July 2012

Mr Postie brings Orin a parcel

Postman brought Orin a parcel from his Auntie Shellie, so he stuck his head in the parcel

then ran off with it

we managed to retrieve it and read the message

and finally got it on him LOL, boy was he excited, the others were not as they had hoped it was sweeties LOl.

Finally had a back to normal scrap day today. I decided it probably wasn't worth trying to do a layout with Miss high energy Twizzle and decided to do some cards, well the weather was terrible non stop rain, all dogs stuck indoors and to my complete surprise they including Twizzle were Angels! couldn't believe how calm and chilled she's been today.

rain has finally stopped and the sun has come out so there now all outside letting off steam LOL.

A much better day than expected and I made 10 cards! woohooo

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Spoke to soon!

Twizzle is back to bouncing off the walls with so much energy and last night started to play nicely with Orin then got over excited and gave him a real hard nip, poor Orin he cried and she got a telling off! didn't seem to bother her much.

She was a good girl and slept in her bed all night but got up at 5am, so that meant I got up as well and she quite literally spun, twizzled and roared around until 11am when she finally laid down! It was so hot and sticky as well I just couldn't believe she could sustain that level of energy in the heat and for so long!

Had to open all the doors because of the heat but she was good and didn't start playing rough with my hounds and it was a relief to let my guard down ever so slightly. She makes such a noise when running (it ain't elegant) or starting to play that it gives me time to get to her before the play turns rough. Funny sort of grunting noises so un ladylike. LOOK SHE LAID DOWN LOL

In the conservatory I take the nice throws and cushions off and cover the sofa's with doggie throws so when we do have company the nice stuff isn't spoilt, Mojo found the nice soft pile of cushions and snuggled up the corner out of the way, that dog is such a poser.

Don't think they will be sunbathing tomorrow, weather alert out for 4 to 6 inches of rain! muddy paws I sense.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy Independance Day

to all our family and friends across the pond!

Only another 2 and a half weeks and my brother and family will be here, they live in Longmount near Denver Colorado and I haven't seen them for 4 long years, so looking forward to their visit.

Twizzle was again very good last night and has been calmer today! this afternoon she seemed really sad and was whining, it's difficult to ignore when your instinct is to reassure but I brought her into the study just Twiz and me and she soon settled down again. I think her manic rough playing has reduced and whilst she still loves playing it's not so full on day! so today has been a good day for the Taylor hounds and even allowed me a little time to finish to chipboard frames  (from Tando).

So they're not as good as I hoped but it's been a long time since I got to do this kind of stuff LOL. Carol taught an altered art class for papermaze a while back so the basic idea stems from there, here is my altered art frame, I also went on to make more frames with wedding photo's from son Marc and DIL Rachael's wedding but can't find the post LOL.  Carol's work is totally fantastic, check it out. The little hand on the silver frame came from Carol who made it!

Vikki wants the dark one and I'm having the silver one, so apart from a million cards I need to make I'm pretty much clear of projects and can get stuck into wedding album.

Eric finally got a photo of Twizzle LOL.

So today is Wednesday and that means just one thing in our house it's bone day! The butcher in our village saves bones for the hounds and every Wednesday Eric goes and collects them, with both of us being non meat eaters we do find it pretty yuck but the dogs love their treat and it does keep their teeth clean LOL, Twizzles first time so I sat with them whilst they munched and crunched their way through them double yuck!



Orin and Mojo

Twizzle, Alfie Bear, Mojo and Orin. Elmo took off with his and Gangley likes to savour it before starting by which time the others have finished and all want hers but none of them are brave enough to try and take it away from her, 7.5kgs of pure attitude!

and not one grump between them.