Sunday, 1 July 2012

Eric has a 6 pack AGAIN!

So there we were, starting to settle with a pack finding their places and life starting to calm down.

Phone goes at 8.30am this morning, can we take an emergency greyhound gap dog immediatley!

Mum &  Dad were due to visit, Mum brought me a lovely bunch of flowers having sensed as Mother's do that I was a bit down, then  Vikki, Ben, Marc and Harvey unexpectantly arrived and we had a good time tea and scones for the adults and milkshake and swingball for the boys.

Quickly followed by emergency girl arriving, she's called Twizzle because that's what she does. Twizzle had been with a foster family about 20 miles from us, a lovely family who we've met and they had helped us out last year with the photo shoot of hounds for the publicity for the coast to coast walk. Sadly one of their hounds had taken against Twizzle and attacked her several times with each attack becoming worse to the point where it was decided late last night that it wasn't safe for Twizzle to stay. Most weekends this time of year see's the hardcore of greyhound gap members out fundraising so with no chance of getting a transport run put in place to take her up to the kennels in Stoke  it was decided to bring her here. It may be just for a few days depending on how it goes. My pack are slowly settling but bringing in a 3rd young dog in under six months is a big ask of hounds and humans.

Twizzle we guess is around 2 years old and a mixture of greyhound,whippet and maybe staffi, she's not lacking in confidence and doesn't seem to have any agression but is annoying the heck out of Alfie and Mojo because she just hasn't stopped bouncing around since she arrived. So bang goes our quiet Sunday LOL.

So finally Mr T says I'll take them out for a walk and see if that tires her out and voila Mr T with a 6 pack once more! and no it didn't tire her out, so no nap for me or hounds, hope she crashes out soon.

This photo of Mr T and his 6 pack was 27 June 2009 how times goes almost 3 years since we last were at 6 dogs. Only Alfie and Gangley both to the left of Mr T are still with us, Lucky, Jim, Sandy and Ranger all gone, all taken by the bone cancer! how I hate that diease.

Anyway here's hoping for some sleep tonight pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Sue said...

How sad for the family that had adopted Twizzle.

At least Gangley has a female companion at last. Hope Twizzle settles down and you all get some calm.

hotpotato said...

Ha ha, you said you could do with a girlie to even the pack up! now I wonder if she'll go..................

gyeong said...

She's very cute. We just had a return dog arrive at the house. It's sad when they don't work out where they are.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yikes about Twizzle. I guess if she was annoying she probably was asking for it, but some folks just don't manage packs very well. Good luck on the sleep!

Hiking Hounds said...

Twizzle is cute, I love her ears. I bet that was hard for the family, but nice that you could help out.

What Remains Now said...

Oh my goodness! You are an angel and Eric so wonderful to be able to handles six dogs on lead. Hope Twizzle settles in for as long as you have her. She's a cutie.