Monday, 9 July 2012

A lovely weekend

Saturday I had a wander around the town and got a dress reduced from £35 to £10 BARGAIN! Came home and chilled out watching the tennis. Dogs roared around the garden-helping Daddy mow the grass and tidy up the garden.

We had a lovely Sunday, I took Gangley out for her Sunday morning ride and did a few errands, came home and had lunch and watched the tennis. Felt so sorry for Murry I really thought he might win. After tea I felt up to going for a short walk with Eric and the hounds, first time this year and then we came home and Eric said he would like to watch the Moto GP. Huge break through as he hasn’t watched one race since Jim left. It was such a lovely Sunday evening ritual for so many years with Eric sitting on the floor with the big fella between his legs (Jim never went on furniture not even once by choice) whilst eating popcorn and chilling out. No dog between his legs last night but Twizzle who also doesn’t go on furniture laid beside him.

Been very busy this morning with all the usual Monday chores, clean out the hens and collect eggs, feed fish, pick poo’s, hang out washing, dust and hoover. God I’m shattered now.

Twizzle was really good at the weekend and was so calm but this morning she’s back to bouncing off the walls. They’re all now sitting on the deck waiting for bone time LOL.

Hoping to finish making the cards this week and make a start on sorting out which wedding photo’s I want to use and prepare something for crop on Saturday.

Not much in the way of photo's but here's a few cards I made Friday.

Sue x


gyeong said...

That does sound like a lovely weekend. Maybe Twizzle will start a new Sunday evening tradition.

Jane said...

lovely cards Sue x

What Remains Now said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I love those types of weekends. Love the cards, but you know how I love girls and owls (ha).

Sue said...

Fab cards.

Glad you had such a good weekend.

Hope Twizzle has calmed down now.