Thursday, 26 July 2012

Belle has her stitches out

Little Belle went to the vets last night and had her stitches removed. Our vet thought the vet who operated on her broken leg 13th July has done a good job and the plate shouldn't interfere with her growing bones. Belle will have another x ray in 4 weeks. So we continue with crate rest and gradually build her up to 3/4 little walks around the garden a day. Me thinks it's going to be a long difficult 4 weeks for us all as she grows uderstandably increasingly fed up with being crated whilst seeing the others playing.

Vikki and Ben came over yesterday and brought Katie my little American niece, it was totally manic with kids, dogs and the heat LOL.

I have already munched my way through a whole packet of these that my lovely SIL brought me over from the states, she's knows I have a weakness for them.

Twizzle is still refusing to let me get a decent photo of her, as I had the camera out shooting photo's of the kids yesterday I spied Twizzle approached and tried got this one shot out of focus of course!

and then as usually Twizzle did this LOL.

Vik and family are now on the way to Heathrow for their delayed holiday/honeymoon in Cleveland visiting Mathews sister Sarah. Ben was so excited yesterday unlike his Mum and Dad he loves flying!

Orin has decided he is Belle's keeper and as such he accompanies her out on all toilet breaks, day or night, it's so touching seeing this great big doughnut being so gentle with her. Twizzle is a complete tease and runs circles around her, driving Belle mad because she's not allowed to join it. Elmo is still quiet suspect the anti biotics for his skin infection are making him feel off. Alfie has decided as alpha dog he will just sit back looking very regal and just take it all in, whilst poor Mojo is in denial that we have brought in yet another dog and even worse a baby! Gangley seems to be rather enjoying having a 3rd female about.

Couple of random shots, how many dogs can you spot, answers on a post card LOL.

 To say life is exhausting and chaotic is the biggest understatement his year LOL hey ho, never a dull moment around here.

Will so try and visit my blogging friends soon, life has to quieten down around here soon DOESN'T IT!!!!!!!!!!!


Sue said...

Looks loike Twizzle is another Song when it comes to getting photos:)

Hope those 4 weeks go quickly and Belle can get out of the crate.

Jane said...

it looks like a happy home though, better than being bored!!

What Remains Now said...

I like what Jane chance of getting bored!

Declan said...

You can't beat a good pile of dogs! Deccy x

gyeong said...

Watching a group of old dogs is pretty easy. Nap time all the time. With so many young ones in your crew, hopefully you get some napping downtime.