Monday, 2 July 2012

Quick Twizzle update

Neither hounds or humans had much sleep last night as Twizzle was very unsettled which is what you expect on day/night 1!

Normally we prefer to have at least 2 days with us both home with a new foster dog but today I had to go it alone, dogs were all shattered and slept most of the morning and didn't really come to life until about 3pm. I had decided to abondon normal Monday chores and just focus on hounds anyway so we all caught a few zz's.

I've been in touch with her previous foster Mum who gave me some useful information and now I know her bedtime routine I'm hoping tonight will be better.

Twizzle is still upsetting the other dogs when wanting to play as she is just to full on and rough but a firm "that's enough" and she stops, she has such gentle eyes and her little tail waggs as soon as you look at her.

Alfie and Gangley have upset tums, could do without that right now.

Have also spoken at length to greyhound gap and said she can stay on whilst we figure out whether we can settle her enough to fit in here as a FOSTER dog! if so great if not then the welfare of my pack and Twizzle has to come first

and that's about it, no photo's as everytime I tried she either moved or legged it LOL. Doesn't she know I'm a scrapper for goodness sake LOL.

Paws crossed for sleep tonight, back to Dr's tomorrow and don't want to turn up looking wreck as he's already threaten me with being admitted into hospital several times last month and actually today I do feel quite a bit better.

Sue x

PS Was just about to post this when another phone call from GG, it seems Orin and Twizzle spent time together in the kennels and are used to running and playing together, so it's been suggested as Orin has such good recall to let her have an off lead run in a safe place. We had noticed that it was Orin she prefers to play with and apparently she was assesed as needing to run free each day just like Mojo. I think we'll let Mr T decide when the time is ripe for off lead runing, our garden is a decent size so she's not that hard done by LOL.

PPS and why won't my spell check work grrrr

PPPS and apparently she is very camera shy! now they tell me LOL.


Carol said...

oh my goodness - I looked at the title and thought???? ahaha I understand now...Twizzle what a fab name...hope tonight is much easier for you all with plenty of zzzzzzzzzzz's.

Fingers crossed all goes ok tomorrow.

hugz xx

What Remains Now said...

It sounds like Twizzle will provide you with some good material for blogging.

Sue said...

Sounds like there's never a dull moment in your household:)

My spell check won't work either on my blog.

Do hope Twizzle settles down and Alfie and Gangley's tums settle. maybe it's all the tension from Twizzle.

You take care of yourself hun. Wish I was close enough to come round and help out.

Sandra's Spot said...

Whats this a new twist in the tail LOL. Twizzle is soooooo pretty what a lovely colour scheme she is perfect for scrapping Sue, if you can manage a shot or two. Hugs Sandra XXX