Tuesday, 24 July 2012

At last!

 Little Belle exploring the garden. Belle is doing really well but grows increasingly frustrated at being crated and who can blame her! Hoping when she see's the vet tomorrow night we may get the go ahead for short walks, trying to persuade a 9 month puppy that crate rest is important doesn't cut it LOL.

At last yesterday afternoon my Mum and Dad came over with my brother Bob his wife Kelly their daughter Katie and Bob's son Andrew. We haven't been together since Mum and Dad's golden wedding anniversary 4 years ago. Bob's other son Terry is getting married Saturday so they have a busy week getting measured for suits and bridesmaid dresses etc. Bob and family live in Colarado.

Mum and Katelyn
 Kelly, Katelyn, Bob and Andrew

Dad and Bob

 Kelly and Katelyn, and boy am I stupid I didn't get a photo of me with them! and to think I call myself a scrapper, better luck Saturday LOL

Had to go back to Dr's again yesterday, seems all the muck from 3 chest infections is sitting in my lungs and making me feel a touch grotty. Dr is arranging physio so Eric can be taught how to bash my back, oh deep joy think he may just enjoy that LOL, he also increased my steroids x 6 for 1 week so expecting to turn into superwoman with untold energy any minute now and anti biotics so I don't get another infection with all the gunk sitting there. Came out with that much medication I could have opened my own chemist LOL.

So having moaned non stop about the rain we are now all moaning about the sudden heatwave, I think it's more the wet humidity that bothers me, I got up at 5am to take Belle out and have some quiet time with her and by 6am it was so hot I was sweating! so not a good look.

Marc and Rach came over last night so we could prep them about dog sitting duties Saturday whilst we go to the wedding, so all in all it was a totally shattering day and I literally crawled into bed at 10pm! But so good to have spent time with my brother and family!


What Remains Now said...

What lovely family photos! Hope Belle gets the go-ahead for short walks. She is a cutie, especially beside that other cutie, Elmo.

Sue said...

Lovely photos. You must get loads with you in the picture.

Glad Belles is still doing well.

Hope all the extra meds have you as fit as a fiddle.

Declan said...

Must be great to see your family! Dec cy x

Jane said...

hope you all have a great time together x