Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Good new, greyt news, OMG news

The good news
We have had a brilliant response to the launch of our new website for this years walk. A dog magazine are doing an article about it and we have a company doing a free banner for us The presentation at school today went really well and the kids loved meeting Alfie and Orin. Loads of work still to do on fund raising events but so encouraged by the initial response. photo of Marc with the kids this morning.

The greyt news
This little lady is now called Twizzle Taylor.
Greyhound gap rang me yesterday to say there was a genuine interest in her, the thought of her not being her hit me so hard that I had to act swiftly. I totally adore Twizzle and feel like I have waited my whole life to be reunited with her, daft or what LOL. Having said that our whole family feel the same way and little en rang me just now so he could say goodnight to her.

The OMG news
Incoming at the weekend, a 9 month old whippet with a broken leg, she says running for the hills!

meet Belle

Other news
Elmo has been to the vets because he has pimples, we weren't too concerned to start with but as they spread we decided to get it checked out. Just as well as he has a bad skin infection, 3 weeks of anti biotics, probably caused from running through long spiky grass then jumping into dirty water. When will he lean the command "Elmo don't you dare"


What Remains Now said...

Twizzle is a very lucky little girl and I can't wait to meet Belle! I'm glad the fundraising is starting off well. I'll look forward to following along. I hope Elmo clear up nicely. He must be being good.

Sue said...

Glad the school talk went down well.

Well done on getting the walk site sorted.

So glad Twizzle is officially staying. Sounds like she is your heart dog.

Hope Elmo is soon all clear of the infection.

Good luck with Belle.

Declan said...

I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned this before, but I think you have the wrong end of the stick about fostering....!! ;-) Deccy x

gyeong said...

Twizzle looks so happy to be staying. Elmo is a positive thinking dog, and doesn't hear the negative in your statements. He must think you're encouraging him :)

Carol said...

lol Twizzle Taylor!!! what next........................ummm Belle !! lol she looks adorable tho' even with her leg bandaged! good luck with the pup xx

Hopefully see you Saturday xx

Winnie said...

Congratulations to you and Twizzle Taylor and good luck to Belle and Elmo. It's all go in your house.

Love and licks, Winnie