Thursday, 5 July 2012

Spoke to soon!

Twizzle is back to bouncing off the walls with so much energy and last night started to play nicely with Orin then got over excited and gave him a real hard nip, poor Orin he cried and she got a telling off! didn't seem to bother her much.

She was a good girl and slept in her bed all night but got up at 5am, so that meant I got up as well and she quite literally spun, twizzled and roared around until 11am when she finally laid down! It was so hot and sticky as well I just couldn't believe she could sustain that level of energy in the heat and for so long!

Had to open all the doors because of the heat but she was good and didn't start playing rough with my hounds and it was a relief to let my guard down ever so slightly. She makes such a noise when running (it ain't elegant) or starting to play that it gives me time to get to her before the play turns rough. Funny sort of grunting noises so un ladylike. LOOK SHE LAID DOWN LOL

In the conservatory I take the nice throws and cushions off and cover the sofa's with doggie throws so when we do have company the nice stuff isn't spoilt, Mojo found the nice soft pile of cushions and snuggled up the corner out of the way, that dog is such a poser.

Don't think they will be sunbathing tomorrow, weather alert out for 4 to 6 inches of rain! muddy paws I sense.


Winnie said...

I feel dizzy just reading about Twizzle.

The LOTH says she has no idea how Mr T walks a six-pack. She says I can be enough of a handful when I spot a cat or a squirrel and she has NO idea how she'd cope walking six of me - let alone a Twizzle into the bargain.

Good luck with the fostering

Love and licks, Winnie

What Remains Now said...

Poor Orin! I don't like rough play, mainly because it scares me, so I'm always listening for cues that it's getting too hard. Good that she gives off her unladylike noises (ha). Poor little gal. I hope she settles a little more. You know, I think you're angel.

Sue said...

Sounds like Twizzle is just enjoying being young and carefree:)

Love the photo of her Gangley and Orin. Also the photo of Mojo.

Hope the rain stays off till late in the day, I as I need to catch up on laundry.