Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A better day!

Twizzle I'm relieved to say slept all night in a bed next to my side of the bed and was a really good girl. This morning she was yet again totally hyped up and almost uncontrollable but eventually I got her into the study with me, closed the door and said very firmly settle and she did, totally crashed out, so the other hounds had some quiet time without the whirling dervish LOL.

After lunch she was much calmer and settled herself in the conservatory with the other dogs and later had a roar around the garden with Orin and Elmo with no problems.

Feeding time is a delicate balancing act of trying to get food down whilst holding onto Orin and Twizzle to stop them pinching everyone else’s food but I managed it all by myself today without to much drama.

We get glimpses of this little girl who is desperate to please and is so happy and then she flips back into this manic hyped up monster! Poor little thing has had to cope with so many upheavals in recent weeks it's no wonder she's all over the place

Did manage to sneak two photos of her today before she realised LOL.

 and this photo of Gnagley looking mega cute!

Have to share this series of photo's I took this afternoon, I had the camera close by trying to get a shot of Twizzle when Orin decided to show his Dad just how much he loves him, I'm thinking the feeling is mutual LOL.

Orin has fast tracked himself from being a nervous wreck into a manic puppy and now he's out the other side and has become a really settled boy all in a few weeks.


PS Got the all clear from the Dr's today, apart from being dehydrated apparently I'm rid of the chest infection and can start my injections again.


Sue said...

So glad Twizzle settled for a while.

Love the photos, especially the ones of orin and Eric. See Elmo had to get in on the act. Not sure what Gangley thought though:)

hotpotato said...

Glad to hear you're better Sue. I think Orin was saying his dad needed a good wash!

Nic said...

Definitely scrap those photos! I hope Twizzle continues to calm down for you and the others settle with her around.

gyeong said...

Glad Twizzle is starting to settle in. We have a returned foster that is trying to find his place in the pack. Maybe Orin was jealous that Gangley was snuggling with daddy? :)

What Remains Now said...

Twizzle is a cutie. Of course, I love the pictures of Eric and Orin. Cute how Gangley and Elmo are in there too. I'm so happy Orin got to join the pack.