Monday, 30 July 2012

Brilliant weekend!

Well that sure was a fun packed weekend!

Saturday my nephew Terry married Helen and this was the reason for Bob, Kelly ad Katelyn coming over from America. We all had a lovely time, the bride was beautiful the men looked fantastic and Katelyn was adorable as one of the many bridesmaids.

 Photo of Andrew (nephew) , Helen and Terry  and Katelyn

Bob and Kelly 

Sunday my son Marc hosted a BBQ so everyone who wanted to catch up with Bob and family could. It  was also Marc’s birthday and is Mum’s on Wednesday so a triple celebration. Fantastic doesn’t even come close to how enjoyable it was and how great to get so many members of the  family together. Shame daughter Vikki is in America on holiday/honeymoon, guess you can’t have it all LOL.

Photo's from BBQ

Hounds have been fantastic all weekend putting up with all the comings and goings. Little Belle grows stronger by the day and now understands if she’s good and stays fairly still she can come out of the crate when we’re sitting down together. The pack seems to have accepted her and for the most part our gentle around here. Alfie Bear has finally relaxed and lets the young ones have a play without continually shutting them down.

This morning Belle  decided to pluck up the courage to join in the scrum for breakfast leftovers LOL.  Gangley was in amongst them  but blowed if I can spot her!

Today is also 2 years since Marc and Rachael got married, boy has that flown my!

Hoping for a few quiet days to recover now.

Sue x


What Remains Now said...

How lovely seeing your family gathering. I know that had to be such a joy. Glad the pups were on their good behavior too so you could enjoy. This is your year for weddings!

Sue said...

Glad you had such a fab weekend. Lots of photos to scrap now.

Hiking Hounds said...

You have such a nice family! I'm glad the hounds are all doing well. Belle is so cute. She'll be able to run and play in no time.

Carol said...

wow girlie looks like you had a fab weekend and how lovely for the family to get together like that...the hounds look great together and little Belle what a sweetie....007 on its way!!!!!!!!! lolxx

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Wow, I just caught up on the Belle story. What a beauty! I can totally understand her frustration with crating being so young especially. Broken legs suck! I kept Riley busy with stuffed Kongs, rope toys with kibble twisted between the fibers, and bully sticks. Anything to make those meals last as long as possible.

We had $1800 stolen via Pay Pal once too!!! Got it back also, but took a while.