Monday, 16 July 2012

Walking the beat

Some of you may remember last year my son and a colleague did the coast to coast walk to raise money for Greyhound Gaps kennel fund. Well this year they are walking again and all details can be found here a friend has built us a lovely website, still needs tweaking a bit but the core of it is in place. Have a look and let me know what you think.I've been  made manager of the face book page and nearly died a few minutes ago when everything just disappeared, Marc managed that, hence I am now the manager LOL.

We have quite a lot of fund raising activities falling into place, first of which is Wednesday when Marc and fellow walkers are going into a local school to do a short presentation and then letters will go home via the children, Eric is taking Alfie, Orin and Mojo along and the school have said they would like to do a dress down day 21st Sept (the day the walk starts) and the money raised will be donated.

So I've been busy all day doing walk related stuff LOL and as yet haven't even looked at my own list.

Dogs are all well and happy and finding their places in an ever changing pack. Seems I may be having another foster dog arrive in a few weeks. A 9th month old whippet, her owners took her into a vets and said put her down, she had a broken leg, well to cut a long story short greyhound gap have taken her in, she's had an operation to plate her leg and will need a foster home for a few weeks R & R. If no one closer steps in I've said she can come here. Yup totally bonkers LOL.

I have been suggested as a possible teacher to  design and teach a scrapbooking cyber class but sadly it clashes with something and I shall have to decline, very flattered though. 

Back to hand clinic tomorrow and I just know when they measure the bend there will be no improvement, no matter how hard I do the exercises the finger just won't bend anymore than a month ago. I think I now agree with the surgeon when he said he may have tightened the new tendon a bit too much, so question is do I have more surgery to loosen it or let it be?


Declan said...

Well done and much luck to your son. What a great thing to do. You must be very proud! Deccy x

Carol said...

wow what a lot of news there!
Fingers crossed for a good hospital visit tomorrow and a good school visit! how good of the school to back you in such a way!
lol at marc doesn't he realise kids are supposed to lead parents in it??
Your digi scrapping is gorgeous so no wonder someone has suggested you doing a class - shame it clashes, but, I bet its not long before it comes to light again..

Good Luck for tomorrow xx

Carol said...

oh forgot to say..............pack of 7??????????????????????????

What Remains Now said...

I hope to hear much more about the walk. You are an angel AND a wonderful scrapper, so I'm not surprised you were offered the cyber-opportunity. Hopefully a better timed opportunity will come along soon. I'm sorry about your hand. That is a hard decision.

Sue said...

Sounds like the Walk is well on the way. Will pop into the web site in a minute.

Bet the kids will love seeing the dogs.

Hope if you get the foster dog, she settles in ok.

What a shame about the cyberclass. Could they not change the day?

Hope the hand clinic can suggest something to sort it out, but hopefully not more surgery.

gyeong said...

Good luck on the walk fund-raising. We'd join you if we could. Another foster? You beat me for sure. Hope all goes well at clinic tomorrow.