Sunday, 29 April 2012

An interesting week!

Elmo has been a very good boy all week and all the hounds are happy and settled.

Eric has had a rotten cold and been proper poorly and wasn't too pleased when I managed to out do him by getting tonsillitis, bronchitis, possible pleurisy and pneumonia! waiting on results of x-rays but Dr wanted to admit me into hospital Friday, I politely declined LOL. With the immune suppressant drugs I take you can be very ill and not know it, fortunately for me my blood results weren't too bad so he said he would review it tomorrow but I am feeling somewhat better so paws crossed.

Daughter went on Friday to Norfolk for a hen weekend, apparently a hen night is for the benefit of us oldies and then the weekend is where the serious fun takes place or NOT as it happens. Vik spent Saturday looking after one bridesmaid who was rather delicate and then last night or I should say the early hours of today another bridesmaid fell and broke her wrist!

So today Eric has spent his birthday driving up to Norfolk to bring injured bridesmaid home whilst son drove the car. Vik will come home tomorrow and probably need a week to recover.

And lets not even mention the RAIN, non stop all week YUCK.

Still as they say things can only get better LOL.

Apologies for not visiting my blogging friends, normal service will be resumed soon.

Sue x

Monday, 23 April 2012

 Bad blogger AGAIN!

So I've been to hospital again, have a new splint, exactly the same design but BLUE and smaller as swelling is reducing and the first one was getting too loose. Still pleased with progress and definitely more than just a flicker of movement in index finger! Sadly they have said I shall be wearing Larry lambchops on daughters wedding day, boohoo, still I can take it off for the photo'.

Talking of daughter she had her hen do Saturday night, we surprised her with a stretch limo which was fab, drove all around the town for an hour before being dropped off for the meal.After the meal the younger ones headed off clubbing, I retired at this point LOl. We all had a fab night. A few photo's.

Vikki dressed as snow white and her cousin Trudy

and with Hollie and Trudy 2 of her bridesmaids

Her face was a picture when she saw the limo LOL.

and inside, have to admit it was flippin brilliant and such fun!

Had to rely on others to take photo's and send to me as I can't hold the camera.

Hounds are all happy and Elmo is behaving EXCEPT for the coat he chewed Saturday night when Eric was dropping us off and picking us up, oops. Eric and I both feel rubbish with rotten colds!

Really need to start planning the bits I need to do for the wedding, Vik is coming over tomorrow so hopefully we can come up with a design and plan.

Other than that all quiet on the western front LOL.

Sue x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Okay so where did that week go!

All quiet here in a busy sort of way! I decided to finally face up to facts last week and cleaned out all my paper scrapping stuff and arty stuff as well, all packed up and put away until such time i get the use of 2 hands. But it does mean I now have better access to stuff I do use and DH bought me a 2nd screen, so now I have 2 sitting on my desk running off the 1 PC love it!!!!

Elmo has been good all week and we haven't had to use the bitter apple spray so far LOL.

Hand is behaving, gets sore if I do too much but there is definitely more than just a twitch of movement in index finger.

I'm working on several projects that  can't share yet as they are prezzie's. Also working on wedding stuff as all of a sudden it seems really close. Saturday daughter Vikki is having her hen party, so we're all looking forward to that. Finally have my outfit for the wedding sorted.

A quick digi LO here of son and daughter, can't say I didn't warm them! LOL.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Tired but happy

Really enjoyed going to crop and did manage a few bits.

Sunday all the family came over for tea and we did an egg hunt for the boys. Everyone had a lovely time, especially the boys and Elmo and Freddie. Freddit is Rachaels's mum's dog!

Random photo's of the day, lots of scrapping potential.Yvonne and Freddie
 Rach my DIL and Harv
 Harv and Ben setting off in search of eggs, bet they won't agree to using the baskets next year LOL
 Elmo !!!

 Dad and Ben
 Group shot
 Harv climbing the magnolia tree
 My kids
 |Auntie Rach and Ben

Mum and Dad have received the official photo's from the Mayors Ball, whoever did these has done a fab job and taken at least 20 years off them LOL, so need that person. This is the professional one and the last one is what a friend took for them.


Thursday, 5 April 2012


Hubby has been rebuilding my PC and I completely forgot to update blog re hospital visit.

General opinion is the swelling is fluid and not an infection but to be on the safe side the surgeons wants another look Tuesday before he heads off on his holiday. So Tuesday hospital and again Thursday, oh the joys of such a hectic social life. Actually I am very grateful not only is my surgeon trying so hard to give me a hand that will eventually have some use but he also genuinely cares too the point where I have his personal mobile phone number and can contact him if I think things are going wrong. So the plan is to keep it in the hood, that's what this splint is called to prevent the index finger flexing up whilst the newly grafted tendon has time to graft and become stronger.

Elmo has been BAD and I mean BAD, only chewed the arm of sofa in the conservatory whilst I was on the phone and when we left him to go to the hospital he chewed up a cardigan I had worn once! and several other things. Any suggestions at stopping his constant chewing and destroying would be gratefully received.

Couple of digi LO's.

First my Mum nd Dad looking very glamorous at the Mayors Ball

and one of Eric and Ben.

Hope everyone has a good Easter, we're doing a treasure hunt Sunday for the Grandsons so paws crossed it stays dry and Elmo doesn't find the stuff before the boys LOL.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Wrist is very painful and is leaking fluid out where the drain was removed. After the op I was given intravenous anti biotic so there shouldn't be an infection but the pain seems to be increasing in that area. Going to hand clinic Thursday but really would like to go sooner

Hounds are loving this dry spell and spend most of the day playing outside.

Another couple of digi layouts.

Firstly my car that we got in January, used Misty Blue kit from PBP.

 and this one about my son, using a kit called blessed to have you from Gotta Pixel.

Have a treasure hunt to organise for the grandsons on Easter Sunday and off to crop Saturday .Not that I can actually do anything but it will be nice to go out and I'm sure I can manage to eat cake and chat LOL.

Sue x

Sunday, 1 April 2012


So one has got over feeling sorry for oneself and thought I'd share the photo's of my new best friend, well at least for the next six weeks we will be inseparable LOl.

Eric has nicknamed it Larry Lamp chops after a sock puppet that used to be on TV and thinks we should draw eyes on it. Photo of hand uncovered if you page down and aren't squemish lol

Another digi layout, this one came together so quick I shocked myself.

Hounds are all well and happy.

Eric joined other folk in the village yesterday for a litter pick up session and took Elmo with him, well you wouldn't leave him home now would you (I had gone out) anyway the dark destroyer behaved himself and gained many admirers.

Here he is in his new collar that a lovely lady from greyhound gap had made for him.

photo of hand