Thursday, 5 April 2012


Hubby has been rebuilding my PC and I completely forgot to update blog re hospital visit.

General opinion is the swelling is fluid and not an infection but to be on the safe side the surgeons wants another look Tuesday before he heads off on his holiday. So Tuesday hospital and again Thursday, oh the joys of such a hectic social life. Actually I am very grateful not only is my surgeon trying so hard to give me a hand that will eventually have some use but he also genuinely cares too the point where I have his personal mobile phone number and can contact him if I think things are going wrong. So the plan is to keep it in the hood, that's what this splint is called to prevent the index finger flexing up whilst the newly grafted tendon has time to graft and become stronger.

Elmo has been BAD and I mean BAD, only chewed the arm of sofa in the conservatory whilst I was on the phone and when we left him to go to the hospital he chewed up a cardigan I had worn once! and several other things. Any suggestions at stopping his constant chewing and destroying would be gratefully received.

Couple of digi LO's.

First my Mum nd Dad looking very glamorous at the Mayors Ball

and one of Eric and Ben.

Hope everyone has a good Easter, we're doing a treasure hunt Sunday for the Grandsons so paws crossed it stays dry and Elmo doesn't find the stuff before the boys LOL.


What Remains Now said...

ELMO! Why do they have to be naughty when you're at your weakest time. I guess they're smart, that's why. Glad it wasn't an infection. The pain had me worried that you might be facing that. I'm sending healing wishes.

Sandra's Spot said...

Naughty Elmo you could try clamping his mouth shut LOL sorry no help am I. Glad the hand not too bad. Love the LOs that colour really suit your Mum. Hope to see you Saturday. Hugs XXX

Sue said...

Bad Elmo! I have heard of spraying with stuff that dogs don't like, but can't remember what it's called.

Hope your hand improves and the surgeon is pleased with it on Tuesday.

Lovely LOs.

gyeong said...

Glad you have the doc on speed-dial if you need him. For chewers and dogs that get in the trash and such, we always tell adopters to muzzle them when not home. Not pretty, but effective.

Declan said...

I find my new Kong Wobbler quite a distraction, but sometimes muzzling is the only option... or so Mum says! Deccy x

Gem's Crafts said...

Hoping that your hand improves for you, it can't be much fun at the moment. Hope that Elmo starts to behave for you too!