Sunday, 1 April 2012


So one has got over feeling sorry for oneself and thought I'd share the photo's of my new best friend, well at least for the next six weeks we will be inseparable LOl.

Eric has nicknamed it Larry Lamp chops after a sock puppet that used to be on TV and thinks we should draw eyes on it. Photo of hand uncovered if you page down and aren't squemish lol

Another digi layout, this one came together so quick I shocked myself.

Hounds are all well and happy.

Eric joined other folk in the village yesterday for a litter pick up session and took Elmo with him, well you wouldn't leave him home now would you (I had gone out) anyway the dark destroyer behaved himself and gained many admirers.

Here he is in his new collar that a lovely lady from greyhound gap had made for him.

photo of hand


hotpotato said...

Hi Sue, the splint does look like Lamb chop!

Sue said...

Hope that splinbt does the job and you are soon able to get rid of it.

Elmo looks smart in his collar.

Declan said...

Yikes that does look a tad sore! That splint does make an excellent hand puppet though. Hope it continues to improve. The little fella is looking good isn't he? Deccy x

gyeong said...

Totally Lamb Chop! Elmo is such a cutie.

Sandra's Spot said...

Hee Hee yes it is Lamb Chop. Boy it looks sore I did shudder. Hugs to you Sue and hope to see you Saturday. XXX

What Remains Now said...

Oh my goodness! You have quite a cut! Hope you feel better soon. The splint in cute.

karen said...

that had looks sore. But other than that i love your layouts