Friday, 30 March 2012

Hand update

Mmm where to start.

Spoke with surgeon and he explained what he had done

Cleaned out index knuckle and removed scar tissue
Cleaned up thumb with a view to getting it to move.
Cleaned out lots of scar tissue in wrist, which was beginning to squash median nerve.
Harvested a tendon from wrist (albeit a puny one apparently) and grafted it onto index finger.

New splint holds wrist and forearm still and from the knuckles in hand bends fingers down to a 90 degree angle, apparently index finger must not be allowed to flex or move upwards for 6 weeks as it needs time to graft and strengthen. If it fails there is apparently another tendon he could try when he operates again to fix little finger with ruptured tendon.

Probably other stuff as well but have forgotten already, hand/wrist is black and blue and splint is painful but the worst of it is 6 weeks of not using it, with weekly hospital appts so they can monitor it closely.

One is feeling a tad sorry for one’s self..

A few digi layouts from this week.

Hounds are all well and have loved this week's beautiful weather.


Sue said...

(((Sue))) I hope you feel an improvement each day and are soon able to get rid of the splint.

Sandra's Spot said...

Kind of good news peppered with bad. 6 weeks will pass by quite quickly you can count down with Vikki and Jenni LOL. Love the LOs.

Sandra's Spot said...

Hugs Sandra XXXXXXXX