Friday, 2 March 2012

I'm back guys!

Poopie came home and cried all evening, probably the GA making him feel odd, slept all night and is firing on all cylinders this morning.

 Have to bathe his wound which wasn't stitched in the end,  with hibiscrub 3 times a day and he has antibiotics and painkillers, back on Monday.

Vet gave us the offending piece of plastic, hard to tell what it is and is about an inch long. Shall have to take a photo of it if he ever goes to sleep this morning LOL.

He's not HP with me as I've been doing the bathing bit and it stings.

Alfie and Mojo were really out of sorts yesterday so guess they missed him LOL.

Hoping for a nice quiet scrapping day with my friend, well one can but hope and as it has been a really strange week I think I deserve a play day LOL....

and little man says thank you all for all your good thoughts xxx


Jane said...

hope you can have a fun play day Sue xx

Declan said...

I think little man won't be going anywhere fast! ;-) Deccy x

gyeong said...

An inch long? Wow. Glad he's feeling better.

What Remains Now said...

Poor little guy. Can you imagine how happy he is to be back home. He sounds like such a little lover. Have fun and we'll look forward to seeing your new pages.

Sue said...

So glad Cane is doing well.

Hope you got a good crafting session.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Yes, I agree, you do need a play day:) Although I'm sure Cane would prefer you to cuddle him! That's a big bit of plastic. No wonder one side of his face looked different to the other!

Have fun on your day off, Sue:)