Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A happier pack

Alfie is finally pretty much back to normal, Gangley's eye is much improved and little Elmo is doing really well. Little Mojo is going white, suspect it's Elmo constant attention, he so loves Mojo!LOL. We went out for a Mother's Day meal Sunday and was away for 2 1/2 hours came home to minimal wreckage LOL.

Just finished gathering bits together for hospital on Thursday, going in at 7.30am and will be first on the list, so paws crossed I can come home later that day! Mum and Dad have kindly said they will come over and dog sit.

Camera still OOO so no new photo's but I have finally finished this digi layout. Has taken way to long and I'm still not sure I love it! Photo of Marc and Harvey visiting Pleasurewood Hills in Oct 2010 to see the Halloween spooktacular!


Sue said...

I love the LO.

So glad Elmo is settling and your house was still standing afer you left him.

Sending you all the best for Thursday.

Declan said...

Glad the kids are settling. All the best for your op. Deccy x

Hiking Hounds said...

Cute layout. I'm glad Gangley is feeling better. Good luck with the surgery.

Jane said...

hope all goes well Sue xx