Thursday, 1 March 2012


The vet has just rung and it's not a growth or tumour !!!!

It's a piece of plastic that had become wedged in between the molars, must have been there a very long time as it has caused extensive damage and the operation was much longer than expected. Poor boy also has a nasty ulcer and inflamed tonsils. Vet was surprised that he was still able to eat.He will need a course of antibiotics which will also cover his wound which she decided not to stitch in the end as sometimes it causes more problems in sight hounds because of their thin skin.

Vet said what a fabulous dog he is and what a testament to his character that he had made no fuss at all. I feel quite guilty as normally our hounds have full ear and teeth inspection by us each week but because looking after Jim then Lucky had become so time consuming the weekly checks fell by the wayside and so we didn't have any idea what was going on other than wondering why one side of his face looked different when he first arrived.

I cannot even begin to explain the relief.

How I've longed for a few quiet hours since he arrived, well now I discover it's way to quiet without him and I can't wait till we can collect him at about 6pm. Suspect he's going to be very sore for a while so lots of TLC.

Sometimes good can come out of bad !!!


Jane said...

so pleased Sue xx

Declan said...

What a relief - and what a brave little fella! Deccy x

gyeong said...

Whew! I'm sure he's happy to finally get that removed.

What Remains Now said...

So, so happy! Give him some extra lovin' from all of us.

Carol said...

poor Cane, little love must have been in a lot of pain - perhaps you'll notice a difference in him when he gets home. Really, Really pleased that its nothing more...perhaps some peace can rein hey? xx

Sue said...

Such good news. I was so relieved to get your text.

Song and I are sending Cane hugs.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Isn't that amazing! A piece of plastic. Just as well Eric took him to the vet with the cut. Cane must be a tough little chap to not complain with all that going on in his mouth. I hope he's running around and being a pest like his old self by now. It's about time we had some more photos of him:)