Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Life one week on!

So in the last week my brain has been mush!, I've cried a lot! eaten a lot! slept a lot! cooked a lot and eaten more. I'm ashamed I haven't been to all the lovely people who left such kind messages about Lucky but as I said brain AWOL. But I do thank you all xxxx

After Alfie's collision with Gangley she had to go back to the vets as her face just didn't look right even after the swelling had gone down. Seems she has suffered a trauma to the nasal passage and tear duct, not as serious as we feared just some eye drops and paws crossed.

I've been to hospital and had my pre admission tests done ready for the 22nd. Have to stop all meds on Tuesday and don't get to start them until two after op. So looking forward to all of that Not!

Alfie has been very quiet indoors but outside has become very dominant when the boys are playing, as he is now senior by the length of time here, maybe he feels he has to be top dog, Jim used to tell him off when he got to dominant before but neither Mojo or poopie can do that. Mojo was very unsettled but seems to be more less okay as does Gangley. Poopie well what can I say, he was super for a few days, very quiet sensing we our sadness etc but the last few days he back to his normal mad self. If anything is missing I can guarantee you will find it under the willow tree where he is gathering his stolen bounty LOL. He has also decided having thought about it for a few weeks that yes he will go into the fish pond as and when he wants to despite my pleas of NO, DON'T YOU DARE etc etc... poor little mite has hurt himself today, he was out playing on his own (so glad Alfie wasn't out otherwise he may have got the blame) I guess he's taken a corner to tight and has a nasty gash in his side. I cleaned it up but when Eric saw he said he needs to go the vets. Great so embarrassing when you break a foster dog! He has also learnt, SIT, DOWN and PAW but not get your **** out of the fish pond! He has also had two visits away from the pack, one with our son whilst I went to hospital and 1 with my parents whilst we went to the dentist, he cries  little when we go apparently but soon settles down. I think it does him good to be away and then come back but poor Mojo is now the one who gets all his kisses when he returns. It did used to be Lucky, Mojo's face is a picture and in his best Eeyore look he says "Oh no you brought him back home" LOL. We had worried how little man would settle at night as he always snuggled up to Lucky and tried to persuade him to sleep in our room with all the other dogs but it seems he still prefers to sleep in the lounge.

I've been doing a little crafting, two layouts of Lucky, here in a digital form but they will become hybrid layouts when I scrap Friday and go to crop Saturday. All that really means is some of it is printed direct and other bits printed separately then layered up

Oh well that was a long waffle! I did say brain was MUSH to be fair LOL

Sue x

So I was just about to hit publish post when Eric and poopie come back from vets, Yes his wound needs a few stitches ans they would have done it there and then except Eric mentioned one side of his face has always looked different to the other ever since he arrived, we assumed a wonky tooth but oh no he has a suspicious growth that has been there so long it has become calcified and needs to removed immediately and sent off for biopsy. I am shaking like a leaf and cannot believe this is happening.


Winnie said...

Oh Sue!! My heart goes out to you. Please please please let it not be bad news this time.

I wish you all the love and strength from somewhere.

You are in our thoughts.

Winnie and all her people xxx

Jane said...

Oh Sue xxx

Carol said...

OMG no! oh Sue what can I say....was just looking at the lovely layouts of Lucky and then WHAM xx

Paws crossed things are ok xx

What Remains Now said...

Sue, my heart is just aching for you. You are in a bad patch, my friend. Know that we are thinking of you and sending love and hugs. Your pages of Lucky are BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely tribute to a beautiful lady.

Nic said...

All fingers and paws crossed here. Thinking of you all. xx

Sue said...

Fabby LOs.

Keeping fingures crossed that the lump is nothing.

gyeong said...

Nice layouts. A creative way to deal with such a huge loss. Hoping the biopsy comes back benign.

Declan said...

Oh no, please not again. Sending all my good greyhound vibes in your direction. Deccy x

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I don't know why I keep missing your posts, but I'm sure glad I read your latest one before this one!! You've had way more than your share of bad luck with the 4-legged kids recently. Here's hoping you're in for a peaceful, healthy time with them from now on.

Those layouts you did of Lucky are beautiful and truly do her justice.