Monday, 13 February 2012

Happy Birthday Harvey

Well I'm pleased to say Cane didn't disgrace himself Saturday night!

Alfie on the other hand was very naughty Saturday, Eric was going to take them out on an extra long walk in the hope they would be tired and not be a nuisance with our friends coming over BUT he spotted a hare on the horizon (pretty good actually with just 1 eye) and took off after it. Normally Alfie has excellent recall and is only on the lead to cross roads because with just the 3 legs it's easier to have him off lead. Eric called and clapped but Alfie wasn't having any of it and when he finally came back minus his best coat he had shredded his pads. Upshot of that is Cane hasn't had anyone to chase him around the garden as Alfie is so sore and Cain is being a complete PAIN!

Today our Grandson Harvey is 6, Harvey decided it would be good to get Cane help him unwrap his present, I'm thinking this probably wasn't a smart move in hindsight LOL.

As Cain has been such a pain I decided to make him a kong up in the hope it would occupy him for a bit BUT Lucky decided to pull rank and took it off him LOL.

He did eventually get it back.

Lucky is coping on the reduced steroids and is finally eating better.

I have to go to hand clinic tomorrow and no way can we leave Cane at home alone well we could but lord knows what he would chew, so he's going to our son's for the afternoon. Bet that will please the others.


What Remains Now said...

Oh my goodness! I'm worn out just reading your post. You have alot going on. Glad Lucky is feeling better. Hope you get the best news for your hand...whatever that may be.

Declan said...

He's a pawful, that lad! Deccy x

Sue said...

Hope Alfie's paws heal up quickly. Did Eric find his coat?

Glad Lucky is still improving.

Hope Cane behaves himself with your son.

Good luck at the clinic.