Thursday, 9 February 2012

An improvement

I am pleased to say at last Lucky is improving! the steroids have made her hungry which is a good thing because she has lost a fair bit of weight. Lucky is also now able to go outside unaided and get on the sofa. We shall still return to the vets on Friday as we need to start reducing the steroids gradually but it will e a balancing act as we don't want the poly arthritis to flare. Here she is finally looking chilled out.

Lucky started having problems 2 years ago after her yearly jabs, poor thing had so many different tests as she lost all the fur on her tail and paws, nothing really got to the bottom of it and best guess is the vaccinations caused her immune system to start attacking her body. The rest we have kind of got under control now but the poly arthritis continues to flare, the chemo isn't supposed to effect it but I will be happier when she is finished with it. 2 more cycles to go.

Cane is and has been a pain in the bum! he's being a very naughty little man chewing stuff ie dining room chair, flower display etc etc etc need eyes in the back of your head. Then he looks at me with those brown eyes.... what a sucker!

I've ordered him a bed, not sure why really as he's more than happy to share everyone Else's LOL.

Hopefully a nice scrapping day tomorrow.


Declan said...

Glad she's feeling better. Deccy x

gyeong said...

Glad Lucky is feeling better. Hard to think of Cane as a pain, when all the pics we see, he is being so darn cute.

Gem's Crafts said...

I'm so pleased that Lucky has turned a corner and has started eating again, it must have been so worrying for you. Have a lovely time scrapping :)

Sue said...

(((Lucky))) Hope tomorrow she is even better.

Hope Cane soon realises what he can and can't chomp on.

Sure he will still cuddle up with the others, rather than use his own bed:)

Hiking Hounds said...

I'm so glad Lucky is feeling better and eating. Cane definitely makes up for his mistakes with cuteness.

What Remains Now said...

So, so glad Lucky is feeling better.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Glad to see Lucky is feeling better. I love and hate vaccinations.