Thursday, 2 February 2012

A good birthday

So Mojo started the day with a bit of sunbathing, he's probably think will that darn black dog just go LOL

then had a beef boneand yup there's Cane right next to Mojo.

and finally birthday cake!

Little tinker managed to get a huge bite of it, off the plate, then it was shared out and all gone in seconds LOL.

My daughter surprised me and came over for lunch yesterday (she bought lunch and flowers with her) and took Cane and Alfie in the garden and wore them both out, so I manged to catch up on a few bits, thanks Vik, she really is a sweetheart!

Lucky still very stiff and sore! had to increase her steroids again and given pain relief, she did however enjoy the cake!

Cane continues to be good, learning the ropes and pulling at my heart strings. Of course the time will come when he has to be left, as I have several hospital appts looming, can't crate him, think I'll probably ask someone to come and stay with him but I must start leaving him for a few minutes each day and start increasing the time I'm away. Don't think going out to hens and collecting eggs counts as he follows me from window to window. Smart dog!

Video's of cake demolition!.


Winnie said...

Loved the video!!!

If you are on Facebook you ought to post one (or more) of your photos of the hounds snuggled up on the Greyhound Rescue West of England page... they are running a fun Valentine's competition between now and Feb 14 - but it's nice just to showcase what loving, cuddly, affectionate dogs we are so that MORE people give us loving forever homes.

Love and licks, Winnie

What Remains Now said...

So cute. No doubt, the birthday cake was a hit!

Declan said...

Good to see Lucky in action, hope she's feeling a bit brighter. Is that sausage & mash cake?!! Deccy x

Sue said...

Well Cane is lacking in nerve - thought he was going to grab the cake:)

That was nice of your daughter, but of course you deserved it.

Hope Lucky get's her chemo tomorrow.

gyeong said...

Who doesn't love some birthday cake? Nice to see Lucky enjoying her share.