Wednesday, 15 February 2012

D'oh !!!!

So yesterday at hand clinic, having previously tried scrapping out stitches that won't dissolve she tried popping them out. Remember being a teenager and squeezing spots well that about sums it up, jeez did it hurt but a few popped LOL. Then she says we'll try silicone gel on the scars to try and get them out, so I'm thinking okay I have a new tube of silicone gel at home, of course she then rolls around the floor laughing at me because her idea of silicone gel is a sheet of medical stuff. Once a crafter always a crafter D'OH !!!!!! but at least she said I could go on the SOS list which means I don't have to go back until after op on 22 March unless I feel I need too.

Cane coped really well with our son but boy was he pleased to get back home and ran around licking all the dogs. Not sure they were quite so pleased to see him return LOL.

Had a lovely day today with daughter and Ben (Grandson), Ben very kindly played with the wee man and tired him out for me. Ben says if I can sort out all poopie's problems he could then go and live with him, cheeky devil. Actually had the postie ask how much I wanted for him today, I said it doesn't work that way you have to be home checked and assessed, he was very very keen, two offers in one morning. Good job he was being a good boy today LOL.

Alfie has been a bit off last day or so but did manage a smile for me.

Gangley is still in deepest hibernation LOL despite the snow all melting

And how gorgeous are these.

Lucky has been out for several walks and is eating well so paws crossed she's turned the corner.

Our friends who were coming tomorrow for a long weekend have had to postpone due to illness, may be a blessing as I'm feeling really tired coping with Lucky and the poopie! We were really looking forward to seeing them but maybe in a few weeks time it won't be quite so hectic here and the visit will be more enjoyable.


Sue said...

Hope your hand isn't sore today after the clinic.

Glad your son wore Cane out, so you got a bit of peace.

Knew you'd feel better for having your grandson over.

You can add me to the list for a possible homes for Cane:)

Had to smile at Alfie and Gangley. Glad Lucky is doing well.

Lovely flowers.

Shame about your friends, but hopefully the weather will be better when they can come.

Declan said...

I totally understand the silicone gel thing :-)
Glad that Lucky seems to be on the mend and hope things get less hectic for you soon!

Deccy's Other Mum

gyeong said...

Hope everyone feels better then stays healthy.

Jane said...

great photos Sue, hope the hand is ok xx

What Remains Now said...

Enjoyed all the photos and hope your hand gets better soon. Sounds like a painful doctor visit. Ouch!

Carol said...

Hiya Sue,

Hope the hand isn't too sort - did I read that right? next op 22 March?

How's the hounds today? well behaved I hope.

Hope to see you Saturday but my cold is a stayer!! might just pop up for a couple of hours1!