Sunday, 5 February 2012

Round up

I would say we awoke to this but actually we haven't really been to sleep!

Where to start!

Lucky had her chemo and came home, everything fine. Saturday morning after a restless night she wouldn’t eat and was really off. Eric insisted I go to crop but promised to ring me if Lucky didn’t improve. By the time I got to crop he had sent me a text with a photo of her eating her brekkie, followed by another of her chilling out on the sofa. So I thought okay whatever the blip was is done but I came home early anyway as I still felt a bit uneasy about it and again she wouldn’t eat, had a miserable evening, followed by an awful night. Lucky basically shivered and shook, or puffed and panted. Her temperature was very high so we called the vets first thing as we really didn’t know if the chemo was causing the problems or the poly arthritis, so off she went to the vets. Not easy as we had 5 inches of snow over night.

So the vet is fairly sure it's a big flare up of the poly arthritis and nothing to do with the chemo. He's given her a massive steroids injection which should calm it down and make ducks feel more comfortable!

It seems the little man rather likes the snow and he and Alfie were roaring around the garden like mad things, whilst Mojo and Gangley took one look at it and decided they didn’t need to go out in that.

Eric took these photo’s yesterday, he has been playing around with the settings on the camera in a bid to try and pick up more detail on Cane, being black doesn’t make for good photo’s.

So whilst I was at crop (Thank you Janina had a lovely day) I did 2 hybrid layouts. Some of the stuff is printed direct onto the cardstock and other bits are printed, cut and layered. The first is one of the last photos of Jim. We had called the kids to let them know that Jim would be leaving soon and they both rushed over for a final farewell. I made them both promise no tears, as I didn’t want Jim upset, so behind the brave smiles is a lot of heartbreak! Second layout is the first time I’ve finished my yearly album with a review. 2011 was such a difficult year for us I felt it needed reviewing and putting to bed! Not great photo’s but light here is awful today.

Hoping Lucky might sleep for a while now so Eric and I can catch up on a few zzz’s!


Declan said...

Poor old Lucky; hope the steroids work their magic. Cane is certainly looking like he belongs there.... ;-) Deccy x

gyeong said...

Hope Lucky, and you, can get a good night's rest. I got much better pics of my two black dogs when their faces got some grey with age. That Cane is a snuggle-bunny. He would fit in right at my house.

Jane said...

gorgeous layouts as always Sue, hope you all have a better day today xx

Sue said...

Sorry to hear about Lucky. I hope she has a better night and is ok tomorrow. Song and I are sending her hugs and healing thoughts (((Lucky))).

Lovely photos.

Fab LOs.

Winnie said...

Hope you are getting some sleep.

Thinking of you all

Love and licks, Winnie

What Remains Now said...

Wow, you guys got alot of snow! So sorry Lucky is having a hard time of it. Love your layouts.

Gem's Crafts said...

I hope Lucky is doing a bit better now and that the injection helped. Love your LO's too :)