Friday, 10 February 2012


Best day of the week is Friday because I get to chill out and scrap with Dawn!

Cane wasn't very well in the night and spent the morning doing this

but by lunchtime he felt better and had a mad half an hour doing this

whilst I tried doing this LOL.

Lucky has been back to the vets today and Tom is really pleased to see her looking so much better. Tomorrow we will start decreasing the steroids and keep paws crossed. Before Lucky had her leg amputated she weighed 37kg and was quite stocky for a greyhound, last week she weighed 31kg and today 28kg! we have never seen her look so thin and can only hope the higher dose of steroids kick starts her appetite!

Off for a wander around the town tomorrow morning, then in the evening we have friends coming over for a meal. Hope the little man behaves himself


Carol said...

lol at Cane!!

Lovely layout Sue and I'm really pleased to hear that Lucky is picking up a enjoy the wander tomorrow xx

Gem's Crafts said...

Love your Christmas LO Sue, I've been doing my Christmas Journal, but haven't got round to scrapping Christmas Day or Boxing Day yet.

Fingers crossed Lucky starts to feel hungry soon xx

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Thank you for the Riley well wishes and the education on poly arthritis. Very interesting and scary at the same time. My vet is very nice and puts up with my very limited vax schedule (probably cause I spend so much money on X-rays and laser). We are required to do 3 year rabies by law and then we have a problem with lepto in our area, so I do that annually because of new strains. But everything else we pass on since they had as puppies and young adults.

P.S. Alfie is just so cute looking! :-)

What Remains Now said...

That Cane! What a character. Always thinking of Lucky and hoping for good days. I love your detailed and beautiful.

Sue said...

So glad Cane let you have a nice crafting time with Dawn.

Fab LO.

Love the pohotos of the pack having a play. Had to smile at the one on the sofa who doesn't even bat an eyelid.

Hope Lucky soon puts some weight on and her arthritis eases right off.

Declan said...

Glad things seem to be improving for Lucky. Hope can doesn't indulge in a bit of "dinner table surfing" when your friends come over. Hehe! Deccy x