Monday, 5 March 2012


Today the little man has become a fully paid up member of the Taylor pack and will now be known as ELMO. Did you notice I haven't referred to him as Cane for a long while LOL. Last week's scare over the tumour that was actually this

a piece of plastic, calcified as it has been there for so long made us realise just how much we love him and so there you have it! Not quite a greyhound even if you squint but we love him.It's been many many years since we haven't had at least 3 greys and here we are with 4 hounds and not one a proper greyhound LOl. Maybe fate will sort it out for us.

We must be totally mad to adopt a poopie who chews, jumps, steals etc etc but the flip side is he makes us laugh and he doesn't have a bad bone in him! ......... and this house needs to hear laughter again!

Elmo is fully recovered and his wound that wasn't stitched is healing amazingly fast.

A few finish projects, finally the cover to My journal your Christmas

Layout of Ben's 's birthday

Layout of Harvey's birthday

Both shown here as digital but they have become hybrid in real life as I prefer them to have extra depth in real life.


Jane said...

you do make some beautiful things Sue. Glad Elmo is part of the pack, that photo was disgusting!!

gyeong said...

Yay for Elmo!!! I'm sure you were just waiting till you figured out his new name to make it official :)

Declan said...

Yay! We were right all along!! Welcome Elmo - I'm sure you'll be behind many a funny story! Deccy x

hotpotato said...

I just knew it the day his paws crossed the Taylor Towers threshold....even though you protested.LOL

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Congratulations to Elmo and his forever family! Yay. I'm so glad you decided you couldn't part with him. He's so much fun, and you sure could use some laughs, and he's very handsome too:)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

PS, that bit of plastic is huge! And your layouts are great:)

Sue said...

Fab LOs.

So glad Elmo has found his forever home (I never thought you'd be able to let him go:)).

Think you need to change his name on your blog photo now.

What Remains Now said...

I'm not surprised and I am super happy for you and for Elmo. It just seemed so right from every angle. Congratulations to all. Fascinating to see the offending piece of plastic. Poor little guy, but I'm glad it was that and not a tumour.

Winnie said...

GREAT news!! So excited for you and Elmo and thank goodness the lump was nothing sinister - but just INCREDIBLY yucky!!!!

Love and licks to all the pack, from Winnie

Carol said...

Elmo is a very lucky boy and is now in a very loving and safe environment - now...I wonder who won that bet!! roflxx

Hope you're ok xx

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Congratulations to Elmo for scoring himself a good home. :-) Really interesting picture of the plastic tumor. Gross, but very cool to see!