Monday, 23 April 2012

 Bad blogger AGAIN!

So I've been to hospital again, have a new splint, exactly the same design but BLUE and smaller as swelling is reducing and the first one was getting too loose. Still pleased with progress and definitely more than just a flicker of movement in index finger! Sadly they have said I shall be wearing Larry lambchops on daughters wedding day, boohoo, still I can take it off for the photo'.

Talking of daughter she had her hen do Saturday night, we surprised her with a stretch limo which was fab, drove all around the town for an hour before being dropped off for the meal.After the meal the younger ones headed off clubbing, I retired at this point LOl. We all had a fab night. A few photo's.

Vikki dressed as snow white and her cousin Trudy

and with Hollie and Trudy 2 of her bridesmaids

Her face was a picture when she saw the limo LOL.

and inside, have to admit it was flippin brilliant and such fun!

Had to rely on others to take photo's and send to me as I can't hold the camera.

Hounds are all happy and Elmo is behaving EXCEPT for the coat he chewed Saturday night when Eric was dropping us off and picking us up, oops. Eric and I both feel rubbish with rotten colds!

Really need to start planning the bits I need to do for the wedding, Vik is coming over tomorrow so hopefully we can come up with a design and plan.

Other than that all quiet on the western front LOL.

Sue x


Gem's Crafts said...

I'm glad that your hand is getting a little better :) and that hen do looked like very good fun!

Declan said...

sounds like a fun time... apart from young lad's chewy accident! Deccy x

What Remains Now said...

Glad you're making good progress with your hand! Looks like the girls had a great time. Give the puppies kisses.

Sue said...

Looks like a good giggly time was had by all:)

Glad dogs were good, but oh dear a coat bites the dust.

Hope your hand continues to do well.

Also hope you get your wedding plans sorted tomorrow.

Sandra's Spot said...

It was indeed a fab night I really had a lot of fun. I do have a photo of her getting in the limo if you want it. Hugs Sandra xxx