Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Final project completed!

Wimbledon is over for another year and the rain continues to fall, so no change there!

I have been very busy making all the cards I need and some extras for the rest of the year and this means my final project is finished and I can get started on the wedding album. A mixture of digi cards and some from a kit I managed to let myself to get talked into buying from a shopping channel. I must have had it for more than a year now so oviously didn't need it LOL.

This one is 2 die cut hearts glued onto acetate either side and some bling added, it's actually rather nice, hope Mr T likes it as it's for our anniversary in October.

Hounds have been good and of course today is bone today, not sure how they know but they do!

So all the cards are written, addressed and filled in my birthday book I made a few years ago and I've even added an alarm for when they need posting on my mobile LOL. how sad.

Tomorrow I need to prepare something to play with on Friday and crop Saturday and I'm off out for a hair cut!

Twizzle is still swinging between calm days followed by bouncing off the wall days but overall they are all more settled and I would say we've come off red alert and down to amber alert LOL.

Hoping the new web site for this years walk by my son and colleagues will be ready to go live next week. My to do list from him is starting to grow but as he is so busy working and spending time in the gym trying to build his stamina and strength I shan't complain LOL. He's managed to do road runs this week with no repercussions to the knee so he's much happier and more optimistic, I don't doubt that he'll manage the walk but I do worry at what cost to his knee. Last year we managed to raise £2,550.00 for greyhound gaps kennel fund but suspect this year it will be hard to reach that figure as everyone is feeling the pinch.

Sue x


Sue said...

What a lovely variety of cards. I love the ones with Greyhounds on.

The heart card is really lovely.

You are nice an organised, so I hope you can now get your albums done.

Glad the pack is ok.

What Remains Now said...

Your cards are so beautiful! Like Sue, I'm particularly drawn to the greyhound cards. I love your birthday book. What a fantastic idea. I would make a pledge for your son's race. Just let me know how.

Carol said...

what a gorgeous selection of cards Sue - well done you on making so many! Glad to hear that the hounds are doing so well and thats great news about Eric...

Take care catch up with you on saturday xx

Declan said...

Oh boy you are way too organised!! That's an amazing amount of money to raise; hope this year goes well. x