Friday, 6 July 2012

Mr Postie brings Orin a parcel

Postman brought Orin a parcel from his Auntie Shellie, so he stuck his head in the parcel

then ran off with it

we managed to retrieve it and read the message

and finally got it on him LOL, boy was he excited, the others were not as they had hoped it was sweeties LOl.

Finally had a back to normal scrap day today. I decided it probably wasn't worth trying to do a layout with Miss high energy Twizzle and decided to do some cards, well the weather was terrible non stop rain, all dogs stuck indoors and to my complete surprise they including Twizzle were Angels! couldn't believe how calm and chilled she's been today.

rain has finally stopped and the sun has come out so there now all outside letting off steam LOL.

A much better day than expected and I made 10 cards! woohooo


hotpotato said...

doesn't he look a handsome boy.

What Remains Now said...

How handsome Orin looks! Sounds like you had a wonderful scrapping day too. I think (emphasis "think") I may make my Christmas cards this year.

Sue said...

Wondered how you'd be with this awful rain, so really pleased to read the pack has been good.

Fab collar for Orin.

Glad you got your crafting day.

gyeong said...

Cool collar matches your brindleness.

Carol said...

wow what a handsome young man that orin is and what a lovely prezzie!

Glad to hear that Miss dizzy Twizzle has been calm today! 10 cards!!! I'll have some of what you're on please!!

Have a great weekend! I've just put the second load of washing on and its just started to pour!! flammin typical hey!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Very classy and matches the brindle coat very well.