Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy Independance Day

to all our family and friends across the pond!

Only another 2 and a half weeks and my brother and family will be here, they live in Longmount near Denver Colorado and I haven't seen them for 4 long years, so looking forward to their visit.

Twizzle was again very good last night and has been calmer today! this afternoon she seemed really sad and was whining, it's difficult to ignore when your instinct is to reassure but I brought her into the study just Twiz and me and she soon settled down again. I think her manic rough playing has reduced and whilst she still loves playing it's not so full on day! so today has been a good day for the Taylor hounds and even allowed me a little time to finish to chipboard frames  (from Tando).

So they're not as good as I hoped but it's been a long time since I got to do this kind of stuff LOL. Carol taught an altered art class for papermaze a while back so the basic idea stems from there, here is my altered art frame, I also went on to make more frames with wedding photo's from son Marc and DIL Rachael's wedding but can't find the post LOL.  Carol's work is totally fantastic, check it out. The little hand on the silver frame came from Carol who made it!

Vikki wants the dark one and I'm having the silver one, so apart from a million cards I need to make I'm pretty much clear of projects and can get stuck into wedding album.

Eric finally got a photo of Twizzle LOL.

So today is Wednesday and that means just one thing in our house it's bone day! The butcher in our village saves bones for the hounds and every Wednesday Eric goes and collects them, with both of us being non meat eaters we do find it pretty yuck but the dogs love their treat and it does keep their teeth clean LOL, Twizzles first time so I sat with them whilst they munched and crunched their way through them double yuck!



Orin and Mojo

Twizzle, Alfie Bear, Mojo and Orin. Elmo took off with his and Gangley likes to savour it before starting by which time the others have finished and all want hers but none of them are brave enough to try and take it away from her, 7.5kgs of pure attitude!

and not one grump between them.


Sue said...

I bet you are counting the seconds till your brother and his family arrive.

Loving the frames, especially the silver one.

Glad the dogs enjoyed their bones and that Twizzle is settling.

hotpotato said...

The frames are lovely Sue.
The hounds look so contented.

Carol said...

lol look at those spoilt hounds!! must say Elmos coat really looks so soft...

The frames are totally gorgeous and that silver one is fantastic - great idea to use the hand with the bling on it like that fab idea - did you want anymore hands???

Thank You for your lovely comments!! you're the best xx

hope you're feeling much better today xx

What Remains Now said...

The frames are BEAUTIFUL! I love the flowers. I popped over to Carol's blog. She has a fun blog. I also checked out your 2010 frame. How lovely! I just loved everything about it. Freedom, Casper and Nikki want me to start "bone day." The last picture...with Twizzle going after that bone...hilarious!

gyeong said...

I love taking pictures, but I'm not creative enough to create frames for them. Bone day. That's a routine my kids could get used to.

Sandra's Spot said...

Mmmmmmm scrummy bones LOL. Twizzle looked very comfortable. I just love the frames you have not lost the touch they are simply fabulous. Hugs Sandra XXX

karen said...

love the frames i think my fav is the silver one too. Plus the pic totally sums up the day.
Great to see the hounds are well