Wednesday, 12 September 2007

I survived !!

Yesterday I looked after my grandson Ben for the first time all day on my own. Previously we've had him for a few hours but always with Eric here to help me, but yesterday Vikki had to go on a work's course (normally she works nights) and Eric couldn't be here so just me all on my tod!!!

Went to Ipswich to collect Ben and asked Dawn to meet me here at 9.45 to get the little chap out of his car seat BUT I got back quicker than I thought and before the pre arranged time with Dawn anyway to my shock I managed to undo the car seat on my OWN... Dawn arrived and we sat in the garden and had a cuppa whilst the little fella pulled out all his toys, but Dawn had to go at 11am and so there we were just him and me. We wandered over the road to the play park and spent a lowly hour on the swings etc and then came home for lunch but by then his nappy was looking full so plucked up the courage to change it phew !!! only wet and Ben seemed to understand it's hard for me to change his nappy and laid really still, BUT after lunch a nasty whiff came to my attention and yes it was gross but we managed... spent a couple of hours playing in the garden until Eric came home at 3pm and amused Ben for me whilst I collapsed in a heap LOL. One more nappy change then back to his Mum. I might just add Vikki was most impressed with my nappy changing skills although if she'd seen me trying to put it on back to front she might not have been ....

Thought I'd be dead on my feet today but seem to be ok so far!!!

A few photo's Eric took yesterday afternoon.

And was I lucky that it was a beautiful warm day so we could play outside or what LOL


vikki said...

you survived and you did a very good job ben had a great day and was very sleepy when i got home.

Sharon said...

What a darling Ben is.
Sounds like you had a great day with him Sue!