Monday, 4 February 2013

A rare photo of all 7 Taylor hounds! the attraction was Mojo's pilchard birthday cake LOL.
Left to right Little Gangley, Alfie Bear, Elmo, Belle (sitting) Orin, Twizzle and birthday boy Mojo.

Mojo is continuing to do well on his medication and will see Mr vet again Wednesday to have stitches removed and another go on the ECG machine to see what is heart is up to.

Gangley is really enjoying going out each day on a walk and I've started to increase the distance a little bit, yesterday she stumbled and fell twice but picked herself up and carried on not the least bit bothered, more upsetting for the humans.

Orin is pretty much back to his normal self, so what ever was unsettling him seems to have gone, it's lovely having the silly clown back, didn't like him being so on edge and unsettled.

Belle had her first off lead run up the meadow yesterday, Eric said the timing felt right and she was very good, came back each time he called and then was sent off again. Belle was very tired last night LOL and I felt ridiculously proud!

My daughter and family acquired a dog at the end of last year. They had promised Ben after America he could have one, having grown up with all our hounds he adores dogs and despite getting gold fish this didn't prove to be an acceptable alternative for a much wanted dog. Archie is allegedly a labdoodle, he's approx 1 year old and weighas 33.5kgs quite a big fella! Last week Wednesday he went in to have his bits off. Unfortunately he hit big problems, first his blood wouldn't clot and he needed an injection then he had such a severe reaction to the GA that he couldn't eat or drink for 3 days, another trip to the vets and another anti sickness jab, by which time the vet was getting concerned, we had suggested Vikki try and syringe water into him which seemed to help and finally yesterday he ate and drank and decided he felt well enough to go for a drive LOL,  Will so have to scrap this photo it's priceless.

Had a good day at crop, Dawn has been really poorly so had to go on my own. Janina puts a lot of effort into her crops and I really enjoy being able to meet friends and browse bits to buy and as for goodies to eat all I'll say is oh dear oh dear anyway I was very sensible and rang Eric to collect me as soon as I started to get tired, even did a paper layout woohoo...It felt very good getting out for a few hours after what feels like being ill forever LOL.


What Remains Now said...

So cute to see everyone together. My goodness! Elmo looks big to me. Congratulations to Belle. She sounds like a good girl and glad she got a chance to run free. The pup looks like he'll be a lot of fun for growing boy. Glad he's feeling better after all the trouble. Glad you are feeling better too!

hotpotato said...

Ah Sue, glad you enjoyed the crop. The sad look on Vics dogs face! But then no wonder poor boy.

Sue said...

Nice photo of the Taylor Pack:)

Hope Mojo's ECG goes ok.

So glad you and Gangley are getting out. Also glad Orin is himself again.

Way to go Belle:)

That photo of Archie has got to be put into a LO:) So glad he is picki8ng up after his op.

Glad you enjoyed the crop. Hope Dawn is better soon.

Carol said...

aww Sue he looks so sad sitting there - bless.

Glad to hear that Mojo had a good birthday and that the cake went down well. Fingers crossed for a positive visit to the vets on Wednesday.

Hope that Dawn is feeling much better and that you're feeling ok xx

gyeong said...

Birthday cake is sure to get everyone in the picture. Glad the pups are doing well. We are always scared of complications when the kids go in for any kinda surgery.