Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mojo and the vets

So Mojo went back towards the vets yesterday and had his stitches out and another session on the ECG machine! despite them calling Eric in to sit with him and try and calm Mojo down that he was so scared that they couldn't get a true reading. Vet is pleased with how he is so we'll continue with meds and back in another month,

As you can see Orin and Mojo are friends again LOL.

Gangley is going out daily on little walks with me, which we both enjoy once out, have to confess it's an effort especially as it's so darn cold LOL Then later Eric has started taking her out for a longer walk (much further than I could manage) and she really surpriseed us by not only coping but enjoying a full walk.

and she even tucked into a bone yesterday, normally she spends hours hiding and burying it before losing interest but yesterday she stood on the spot she was given it and tucked in, go Gangles.

Have just started working on a project for my cousin so have to get my head down and get stuck in LOL.

Nealy all the cards I made to raise some money for Greyhound Gap have gone, shall have to make loads more after I finish the project.

All hounds are well and happy (she says touching wood).

Sue x


gyeong said...

Glad to hear you and your pups are doing well this week. What a sweet pic of Orin and Mojo.

What Remains Now said...

Glad to hear that all the kids are doing well. Hope you are doing well too. I keep telling myself that spring is just around the corner.

Sue said...

Those are such cute photos of Mojo and Orin. It's like Orin is telling him how sorry he is.

Hope Mojo keeps doing well. Glad Ganley is also getting on ok and enjoying two walks.

Hope you enjoy the project and don't feel too pushed for time.

Well done on the cards for GAP. Every little helps:)

Hugs to you all. Sue & Polly

Sue said...
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Declan said...

Goodness sounds like you've had a trying time lately. Glad you are all okay and everyone is friends again. Deccy x